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aGBe v0.2.1 Reloaded
Posted on: May 11, 2004 - 12:56 by retroK

Nintendo Game Boy German
aGBe ist ein Gameboy Emulator für die Sony Playstation und wurde mit folgendem aktualisiert (siehe erw. Text).

VERSION '0.2.1' (Reloaded)

Fixed and tested CD Loading/Reading routines.
Rearranged CPU Opcode instructions.
Added agbeBank loading routines.
Re-wrote some functions.
Added Palette Support.
Tweaked Video routines.
Cheap looking but functional Rom Select/Info View.
Fixed some memory issues.
Palette Bug Fix. (Inverted Colours Ooops!)
Found/Fixed Opcode Bug where the register HL wasnt updated Correctly.
Found/Fixed 2 (fairly big) Opcode bugs!
Fixed Display Bug. (Lost a pixel)
MBC1 & MBC2 Support (Initial)
CD Read Error Handling
Fixed Images
GUI Fixed
Game List Scrolling (Use R1/L1 to jump)

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