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Post subject: Frontends: emuControlCenter v0.9.9.R2  PostPosted: Jun 30, 2009 - 03:25 PM
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Eine neue Version von emuControlCenter ist erschienen.

A new Version of emuControlCenter has been released.

emuControlCenter - Changelog

Version 0.9.9.R2 (2009.06.28)

- Added platforms:
- Acorn Atom (resources by: te_lanus)
- Bondwell Model 2 (resources by: te_lanus)
- Casio Loopy (resources by: te_lanus)
- DEC PDP-1 (resources by: te_lanus)
- DEC PDP-7 (resources by: te_lanus)
- Sega Pico (resources by: te_lanus)
- Signetics Pipbug (resources by: te_lanus)

- Small updates:
- Fixed the banner (top left) website bug (hyperlink is removed)
- Fixed some EN language strings/typos
- Changed Homelab4 emulator and settings INI´s (by Gruby)
- Placed "Magnavox Odyssey 2" in the console catagory.
- Renamed "Tomy Pyuta" to "Tomy Pyuta/Tutor" (incl. new teaser)
- Improved ´option´ images, by adding transparancy & removing ugly pixels
- Improved the small ECC teaser image by removing the border at the bottom.
- Moved the small ECC teaser image to the ´internal´ image folder.
- Fixed broken links of the ´ecc_icon_small.ico´ file in certain files.
- Added spanish translation instructions for the thirpartytools.

- Script updates:
- Added Microkey Primo script (by Gruby)
- Added script for the ´pdp7´ emulator (by te_lanus)
- Updated the "Ultimo" script for "Microkey Primo", v1.0.1.0 to, changes:
- New Function - EmulatorControl($EmulatorWindowTitle, $CommandLine) (Thanks to Phoenix)
- Some Primo C (Colour Primo) files is working now.
- Needed Reset handle
- Some fixes...

- ECC Startup
- Added a PNG border to the splashscreen, for some shade (so it doens´t look flat)
- When reloading ECC the (reloading)splashscreen now also fades.
- Fixed a bug where the ´reloading´ string wasn´t shown properly when ecc was reloading.

- ECC Live!
- Fixed issues where filenames to add/replace strings could not be found.
v3.2.0.2 -fix2
- Fixed the word ´Avaialable´ to ´Available´

- 3rd party updates
- Updated, Notepad++ v5.4

- DAT file updates:
- CPS-1: v2009.03.10 to v2009.04.26
- CPS-2: v2009.01.06 to v2009.06.08
- SVM: v0.99.0.8 to v0.99.1.3
- MAME: v0.130 to v0.132
- NEOGEO: v2009.03.10 to v2009.04.26
- PRIMO: *NEW* v0.99.1.1 (by Gruby)

Version 0.9.9.R1 (2009.04.04)

- Added platforms:
- APF Electronics Imagination Machine
- Exidy Sorcerer
- HomeLAB series - HomeLAB4

- Small updates:
- Added transparancy for the Hungarian flag (meta edit).
- Fixed all ECC Startup messages, some where missing.
- Updated French languages for ECC Startup.
- Changed best emulator for Vic-20 to XVIC.EXE.
- Polished the Pinball nav image (ugly pixels).
- Added the Atari logo in the Atari 2600/5200/7800 platform teaser image.
- Added CDI (Disc Juggler image) extensions to CD platforms.
- Fixed the systems info files to be more compatible with unicode languages,
converted chars:
‘ > ´, ’ > ´, “ > ´, ” > ´, ÷ > /, % > percent, ½ > .1/2, ¼ > .1/4
• > *, × > x, ¥ > Yen, $ > Dollar, £ > Pound, ~ > Approx.
- Enterprise 64/128 extension update
- Added: TRN, SAP, EP32, EP128S, COM, BAS, IMG, TAP, WAVE, DTF
- Removed: PRG, BIN, 128, ROM
- Removed CSO (Compressed ISO) extension for all CD image platforms.
- Renamed the platform ´Híradástechnikai Szövetkezet HT-1080Z´ to
´Híradástechnika HT-1080Z´
- Rearanged the ECC documentation, also included a FAQ (wip)

- Script updates:
- Updated VIC-20, using the latest VICE emulator XVIC (atm v2.1) wich support
commandlines, so no INI write is nessessary, all settings can be set with
commandline parameters.
- Added, VP script for Virtual Pinball, to run tables from the ECC GUI.
- Added, PSXFIN script for Playstation 1, wich run the emulator in fullscreen.
- Updated, script for ´ScummVM´ v1.0.0.5 (DerMicha75)
- Improved unpacking of agi/gob/saga files by overwriting existing files!
- Updated, script for ´Project Tempest´ v1.0.0.2 (Phoenix)
- Fixed support for Windows Vista
- Added messagebox and handle when have to enter a start address.

- ECC Startup
- Improved language ´switching´ for thirdparty tools, in the beginning only on
firt start the language for thirparty tools where configured, now when changing
the language inside ECC, the thirdparty tools will also be adjusted Wink
- Renamed the list ´ecc_ThirdPartyConversionList´ to ´ecc_ThirdPartyLanguageList´
- Added a ´GetDriveInfo´ parameter for drive information
to let ECC give better support for removable drives!
- ECC starts in windowed mode when the useable width for ECC < 1000 pixels.
- when < 1000 pixels ECC may experience glitches in the GUI.
- also a messagebox is added to inform the user. (one-time message)
- Fixed the Greek GUI language. (by putting the INI in unicode)
- Fixed AutoIT Error: ´Line -1, Variable used without being declared.´ on
other systems than 2000/XP/Vista, like: Windows Server 2008
- Fixed Notepad++ auto-language if ´ThirdPartyConversionList.ini´ is not available.

- ECC Live!
- ECC Live! check on ECC startup will be disabled when there is no active
internet connection found, this is because it will return errors all the time
when you have no connection, you have to enable this manually again in the
ECC configuration screen, when you have re-established the internet connection.
- Messagebox at the end will ask to view the log file now, this is only
when updates have been installed or when an error has occured.
- Implemented an ERROR KICKSTART for ECC Live!, this way when there is a bug
in ECC.EXE and it cannot write the configs eccLive needs, it will continue
to update assuming the OS is WINNT.

- 3rd party updates
- Updated, Notepad++ v5.3
- Updated, 7-Zip v4.65

- DAT file updates:
- CPS-2: v2009.01.06 to v2009.03.10
- CPS-3: v2007.07.10 to v2009.01.06 (from mame 0.129 dat)
- MODEL1: *NEW* v2009.01.05 (from mame 0.129 dat)
- MODEL2: v2008.06.05 to v2009.02.08
- S11: *NEW* v2009.01.05 (from mame 0.129 dat)
- S16: *NEW* v2009.01.05 (from mame 0.129 dat)
- S18: *NEW* v2009.01.05 (from mame 0.129 dat)
- S22: *NEW* v2009.01.05 (from mame 0.129 dat)
- SVM: *NEW* v0.99.0.8 (by Gruby)
- ZINC: v2005.07.31 to v2009.01.06 (from mame 0.129 dat)
- MAME: v0.129 to v0.130
- NEOGEO : v2009.01.07 to v2009.03.10

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