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Nintendo SNES Emu Comparsion (Juli 2005)

Seite: 2/7
(2785 Worte insgesamt im Text)
(18683 Aufrufe)   druckerfreundliche Ansicht

SNES9x v1.43 Final

Emulation Testing:

Chrono_Trigger_(U)_[!].smc - 2 out of 2 points.

Chrono Trigger seemed to work flawlessly.

Final_Fantasy_III_(U)_(V1.1)_[!].swc - 1 out of 2 points
SNES9x did a better Job this time but there are still some problems to solve. Some sounds like the character switching "blink" sound a little distorted, some are too loud, some sounds seem to be played in background.

Street_Fighter_Alpha_2_(E)_[!].smc - 2 out of 2 points
(Corrected) Seems to work wo. emulation problems, as those loading times are normal.

Jikkyou_Oshaberi_Parodius_(J).smc - 0 out of 2 points
This game wasn’t playable at all. As soon as I started a game, SNES9x hang itself up for good. No points this time.

Mega_Man_X_2_(E)_[!].swc - 2 out of 2 points
Capcoms mechie was playable without any problems.

Top_Gear_3000_(U).smc - 1 out of 2 points
Were playable but the GFX are messed up badly.

SD_Gundam_GX_(J).smc - 0 out of 2 points
I was able to start a game, but as soon as I choosed any of my units, SNES9x hang itself up again. Not even theoretically playable yet.

Ace_wo_Nerae!_(J).smc - 2 out of 2 points
Was playable with no problems.

Suzuka_8_Hours_(U).smc - 1 out of 2 points
Was playable with no visible bugs. Just the perspective wasn't correct.

Vortex_(E)_[!].smc - 2 out of 2 points
Seemed to work without problems.

Doom_(U).smc - 2 out of 2 points
Worked flawlessly.

Emulation overall: 15 out of 22 points


SNES9x provides the most advanced GUI. Nearly everything to think of is configurable. Input settings, adding cheats (both Game Genie and Action Replay!) - even netplay does work when combined with Net Sprocket. It is sometimes a little bit confusing to find the right setting though, but this is probably the price for having this amount of settings. The CPU load moved between 40-60% (Athlon XP 2200+).

Setting Amount: 10 out of 10 points
Ease of Use: 8 out of 10 points
Stability: 6 out of 6 points
CPU Load: 2 out of 4 points

GUI Overall: 26 out of 30 points

Total Score: 41 out of 52 points = 79% = 4 Stars

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© AEP 2005, written by Chaos, assistance by Tommy_, XTale & retroK
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