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Post subject: Diverse: TiEmu 3 May 24, 2006  PostPosted: May 28, 2006 - 12:00 PM
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TiEmu ist ein Open-Source Multi System Texas Instruments (TI89 / TI89 Titanium / TI92 / TI92+ / TI-Voyage 200PLT) hand-held-Taschenrechner emulator Für Windows;Linux und Mac OS X .

TiEmu is a Open-Source Multi System Texas Instruments (TI89 / TI89 Titanium / TI92 / TI92+ / TI-Voyage 200PLT) hand-helds emulator For Windows,Linux and Mac OS X.

This is a snapshot of the TiEmu 3 development version (TiEmu 2.81) with TIGCC debugging (GDB, Insight) support:

* GDB and Insight, as well as Tcl/Tk and [Incr Tcl]/[Incr Tk] are integrated into TiEmu and built as part of the normal TiEmu build. * The source tarballs should compile under any POSIX with GCC, as well as under Win32 with MinGW GCC. This includes Mac OS X, assuming you have the required dependencies. * Make sure you build libticables2, libticonv, libtifiles2 and libticalcs2 first (in that order), as described in the instructions.

* The RPMs are for Fedora Core 5 ("Bordeaux"). They will NOT install on FC4 or older. It is recommended to install them all at once. If you need to install them separately for some reason, make sure you install libticables2, libticonv, libtifiles2 and libticalcs2 first (in that order). The tilp2 RPM is optional, it is NOT a requirement for using TiEmu. (It does depend on the same libraries though.) * The RPM is built against the FC5 system Tcl and Tk, as well as the itcl, itk and iwidgets packages from Fedora Extras.

* The RPM does not conflict with Gerard Milmeister´s native Insight package. It may or may not conflict with other Insight packages around.

* The libticables2 RPM contains an udev script automatically giving the user in front of the computer (i.e. the user logged into the local console) the required permissions to use the SilverLink or DirectLink when it is plugged in. (The SilverLink is supported by both TiLP and TiEmu. The DirectLink is now supported by TiLP.)

* The tiemu3 and tilp2 RPMs obsolete the older version, so they´ll automatically replace them. The library RPMs intentionally DO NOT obsolete the old versions because they might still be needed by legacy applications (although TilEm has been ported to libticables2 now). You can erase the old libticables, libtifiles and libticalcs RPMs after upgrading TiEmu and TiLP. I will NOT provide any updates to the libti* 1 or TiLP 1 RPMs.

* TIGCC 0.96 Beta 5 or higher is required to generate the debugging information for GDB.

* Users of my TilEm RPM from ticalc.org need to upgrade to the new version rebuilt against the new libticables2 I just uploaded to ticalc.org. This is a new version, providing several bugfixes (see the changelog), inter-process communication support (currently

*nix only, through KDE DCOP), support for HW4 in TiEmu and Direct USB link support in TiLP. NOTE: The new --disable-gdb configure option (for the tiemu3 source code) does not work in this snapshot as released. A backported patch is provided to address the issues encountered (one link-time and one runtime problem): tiemu3-20060524-fix-disable-gdb.diff. (The diff corresponds to -r 2118:2119, -r 2120:2123 from SVN.) This does not affect my binaries (RPMs, Win32), which are built with GDB enabled.

Changes: 20060524: * TiEmu 3 changes:

- [kevin] $1872: adjust to libtifiles2 reversion to file names in locale charset actually honor locale for file names throughout
- [kevin] $1875: plug Qt event loop into GTK+ main loop so we will actually be able to receive/process DCOP messages
- [kevin] $1876: created a DCOP interface (currently empty)
- [kevin] $1879: implemented image queries and file sending in the DCOP interface
- [kevin] $1880: handle engine state properly when sending files through DCOP
- [kevin] $1881: added ready_for_transfers() boolean query to the DCOP interface
- [kevin] $1882: added reset_calc(bool clearmem) command to the DCOP interface DCOP operations now return true if TiEmu was ready and false if it wasn´t (and rejected the operation)
- [kevin] $1883: implemented execute_command in the DCOP interface
- [kevin] $1886: added turn_calculator_on command to the DCOP interface
- [kevin] $1889: adjust to libtifiles2 re-reversion to file names in glib filename charset
- [kevin] $1890: implemented widechar versions of Win32 file dialogs
- [kevin] $1891: partial implementation of OLE automation interface (no instances created yet)
- [kevin] $1907: initialize and uninitialize OLE automation interface
- [kevin] $1913: added 1 ms timeout to Qt processEvents to ensure 4% max CPU consumption
- [kevin] $1914: slowed down typing (execute_command) a bit so the CHAR menu works properly
- [kevin] $1915: fixed keycode of SIGMA on TI-89
- [roms] $1931: fixed segfault in the Win32 file selector when varname contains non-ASCII chars.
- [roms] $1932: enabled tifiles2 library as UTF-8 for varnames. This allow good handling of non-ASCII chars.
- [roms] $1933: added conversion of varnames with greek chars into useable filenames for disks with locale encoding.
- [kevin] $1935: added OLE self registration support (/RegServer, /UnregServer)
- [kevin] $1936: also filter CXX in the configure argument filtering (fixes MinGW build again)
- [kevin] $1938: cleaned up OLE self registration support, fixing Win32 link failure
- [kevin] $1943: register the TLB file during OLE self registration don´t abuse assert for error checking in registry.cpp
- [kevin] $1945: add regsvr makefile target for native MinGW compilations (using MSYS)
- [kevin] $1953: experimental support for building tiemups.dll with MinGW
- [roms] $1955: the ´/RegServer´ and ´/UnregServer´ must be case-unsensitive. Fixed compilation under MSVC.
- [roms] $1957: added VB script for testing OLE/Automation.
- [kevin] $1959: use RegisterActiveObject, not CoRegisterClassObject, for our singleton don´t delete the singleton if the refcount reaches 0, let the cleanup on exit do it
- [kevin] $1961: pass --disable-werror to the GDB configury
- [roms] $1962: added MSVC project to oleautsdk and modified oletest to compile with a C90 compiler.
- [kevin] $1964: moved initialization of buffer[2048] back down restored 2 spaces/level indentation in oletest.c
- [roms] $1968: request #1430263: "better error handling"
- [roms] $1972: bug #1388306 fixed: "can´t send FLASH app"
- [roms] $1978: skin is now scaled directly from JPEG image => no resolution lost
- [kevin] $1980: added enter_debugger command to the DCOP interface
- [kevin] $1981: added enter_debugger command to the OLE interface
- [roms] $1987: fixing bug #1434625: display a better error message when attempting to load a state image targeted for another hand-held model (backported changes from TiEmu2 rev. 1986).
- [roms] $1989: fixed bug #1434625: allow direct loading of a state image and associated image.
- [roms] $1993: fixed bug in the single Win32 file selector (default folder was not properly set)
- [roms] $1994: switched to ticonv library
- [roms] $1999: fixed #1436138: V200 screen bigger than the skin
- [kevin] $2003: fixed set_window->on_drawingarea1_configure_event->set_window feedback loop (see bugs #1227433, #1249087)
- [roms] $2004: replaced gtk_idle_add (deprecated) by g_idle_add
- [roms] $2007: accept TI92 files on Titanium and others
- [kevin] $2009: imported UAE 0.8.25
- [roms] $2012: bug #1434600 => goes to HOME when calc is not ready
- [kevin] $2021: fixed stray quotes breaking Insight build with latest bash (by Pavel Roskin, from http://sources.redhat.com/ml/insight/2006-q1/msg00043.html)
- [roms] $2031: can load VTi skins
- [kevin] $2033: commented out OLE installation in tiemu*.nsi and OLE initialization/cleanup in oleaut.cpp - OLE support will be reenabled when it will actually work
- [roms] $2037: fixed to follow ticalcs2 API changes
- [kevin] $2038: HW4 runs at 16 MHz
- [roms] $2040: added HW4 support (user can choose imported FLASH upgrade as HW3 or HW4 for Titanium (like TI89/92+))
- [roms] $2048: fixed edition of values in the memory dbox
- [roms] $2059: renamed ´code/source´ window into ´disassembly´
- [roms] $2052: build a tiemu2-like release when NO_GDB is enabled
- [roms] $2053: enable and use UAE disassembler when NO_GDB is enabled
- [roms] $2060: modified UAE disassembler to follow Motorola syntax Used to provide a replacement of the tiemu2 disassembler (license issues).
- [kevin] $2081: removed excess spaces in disassemblers
- [kevin] $2090: added --disable-gdb configure option
- [roms] $2096: fixed bug #1490859 (enable OK button when selecting an image)
- [roms] $2097: fixed bug #1471709 (crash on old state image)
- [kevin] $2102: increased buffer size for the RELEASE viewer
- [kevin] $2115: fixed splash.c saying "TiLP" instead of "TiEmu", updated version in configure.ac
- [kevin] $2116: allocate metadata properly in send_file_and_debug_info
- [kevin] $2118: fixed Insight preferences dialogs * new library: libticonv by Kevin and Roms, handling character set conversions (replacing the transcode support in libtifiles2 and some code within TiEmu 3) * libticables2 changes (roms): - changed information message in check_for_libusb according to bug #1372369. - error message is a glib allocated string for now - does not raise an error any longer if usb_set_configuration fails (seems to be needed with latest lib-usb release...) - ParallelLink support was not compiled under Windows - reset SilverLink cable when opened (like other cables) - close/re-open cable in slv_reset. Reseting is not enough on both Linux & Windows. - reverted back to previous behaviour (reset instead of close/open) - rewritten data logging system - embedded HEX to PKT D-BUS decompiler - added ability to retrieve the USB hand-held connected from its PID - improved ticables_probing_do which can probes all cables or USB cables only (faster). - definitely fixed return value for probing functions - fixed link_xxx which returns -1 instead of ERR_NOT_OPEN. Thanks to Tyler Cassidy ! * libtifiles2 changes (roms):
- reverted back the changes made on ´fopen´ and ´UTF-8´
- replaced fopen calls by g_fopen calls: the library uses GLib encoding on filenames for now (UTF-8 on Windows, locale on Linux (usually UTF-8, too)).
- optimized tifiles_file_is_ti() - fixed tifiles_file_get_type for TiGroup support
- added tifiles_varname_to_filename which converts varname with sepcial characters (like alpha, beta, ...) into valid filename according to locale
- tifiles_file_write_regular can now auto-saves files with greek characters
- error message is a glib allocated string for now.
- moved transcode support as deprecated (superseded by ticonv libary)
- switched to ticonv
- removed deprecated functions
- free the block itself in tifiles_content_delete_xxxxx
- clean-up (removed dead code)
- increased buffer length of variable & folder names (9 -> 36) due to TI-UTF-8
- checked for usb calcs support
- fixed warnings
- thanks to O. Armand, fixed a bug in the file attribute (archived flag)
- ti8x_read_flash now returns in FlashContent.data_length the length of pure data instead of file size (TI8x FLASH file format)
- fixed bug in tifiles_file_is_tib which didn´t detect TIB files. * libticalcs2 changes (roms):
- error message is a glib allocated string for now.
- switched to ticonv library
- send HOME key before dumping
- don´t list some system variables which appears in dirlist: regCoef and regEq.
- fixed is_ready which checked the LSB instead of the MSB status word
- added 2 functions for adding/removing an entry from a dirlist tree
- directory list is now free´d
- fixed TI73 sending & receiving of FLASH apps
- fixed OS version formatting
- set hw revision to
-1 (n/a) for TI8x calcs
- don´t use static Flash/FileContent structures: they are badly released because often not zero´ed.
- fixed bug in TI92 recv_backup
- added periodic refresh from callbacks
- bitmap for screenshot is now allocated at the end of transfer.
- work on DirectLink in progress.
- implemented USB hand-helds support
- split sending of FLASH app & os into 2 functions.
- renamed some function of the API (send/recv_flash into send/recv_app)
- make ticalcs_dirlist_mem_used useable with apps tree
- implemented get_memfree functions
- added a new probing method for USB hand-helds only (faster)
- added FTS_BACKUP flag for hand-helds with real backup capability
- added common function which emulates a backup by grouping
- definitely fixed return value for probing functions
- implemented a garbage collector for virtual packets, calc attributes anc calc parameters. Needed because a DUSB function may returns an error without releasing allocated memory (easier by this way).
- added ticalcs_dirlist_flash_used which count memory used by both archived variables and apps
- fixed pbar with TI73/84+ sending of FLASH app
- fixed ca_del_array & cp_del_array for garbage collector
- manage hand-held error codes
- manage delaying packets
- implemented send_os for Titanium/USB and fixed some commands
- implemented send_os for TI84+/USB
- added Titanium/USB ROM dumper
- increased ROM dumper block size from 1KB to 4KB (faster)
- fixed misfeature in Titanium get_dirlist
- fixed OS sending page address in TI84+/USB support * TiLP 2 (included in the Fedora RPMs only, see http://www.ticalc.org for source and Windows packages by roms) changes (roms):
- reverted tifiles to locale encoding
- checked/fixed tilp for use of the good filename encoding
- tifiles2 library has switched to ´glib filename encoding´
- fixed missing or bad utf8/glib conversions
- added TiGroup support (sending only = read only)
- updated manpage according to bug #1397587
- varnames with greek characters are now saved fine (T. Evans)
- fixed bug #1430307: "full path on cmd line" (hiboo) - removed ´exit home dir´ limitation/security (kevin)
- ungroup TI82/85 files when option is set to ´single´
- rewrite target folder when sending to a specific folder (T. Evans)
- fixed bug in the Win32 file selector (default folder)
- switched to ticonv library
- fixed bug with the re-target folder feature.
- make hand-held goes to HOME when not ready (kevin)
- implemented feature request: "TiLP always gets a list of the files on the calc, even if I already " (T. Evans)
- when ticables/ticalcs error occurs: reset cable and wait for 0.5s (i/o link active -> disappear) - don´t use cable_handle & calc_handle fields: they are private - fixed command line
- added skip/retry/cancel box when sending of multiple files
- same for receiving of several variables
- the right view did not filter file types correctly
- user´s suggestion: automatically change for detected cable/calc.
- fixed displaying of greek chars in the action dbox.
- can´t load pdf/eps files - clamp gtk_update.cnt2 to avoid warnings
- fixed group filename (recently modified but not propagated).
- don´t update dirlist with TI82/85
- don´t display hw revision for TI8x calcs
- fixed the command line argument passing in the InnoSetup script (shell registering) - added TI84+ USB hand-held support
- re-map 0x2080..9 chars into the ctree
- follows ticalcs2 changes in the API
- added Titanium USB hand-held support
- reworked displaying of Hand-Held Informations box
- added a new label which display RAM/FLASH free &used
- show more levels in the current path
- reworked/factorized opening/closing of device
- auto-detect USB devices at startup
- reworked full auto-detection
- fixed bug in the use of USB auto-detect
- rename ´Ready´ button into ´Connect´ when using DirectLink
- update remote frame in the action box
- update memory used when sending/deleting variables * The Fedora RPMs are now built on and for Fedora Core 5. * The Fedora RPMs now come closer to meeting the Fedora packaging guidelines. * The Windows build is linked against GTK+ 2.6 again to support Windows 9x, Me and NT 4. You can use any GTK+ runtime version >=2.6.10 to run it (including 2.8.x), but be aware that GTK+ 2.8 requires Windows 2000, XP or newer.

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