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Post subject: SMS: Meka WIP 2005-08-26  PostPosted: Aug 30, 2005 - 08:25 PM
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Im SMS Power! Forum wurde eine Testversion von Meka veröffentlicht.

WIP 2005-08-26 , True color video modes test

This is a preliminary test, but I´d be interested in feedback. If you try this, unzip in a different directory as your stable MEKA, because this isn´t playing games well as of yet.

Basically, I removed all references to indexed (paletted) video modes, changing game rendering as well as the GUI code to support true color modes (namely 16 and 32 bits). This is not complete yet, but will bring many advantages over previous versions, at the cost of a bearable increase of CPU/memory usage.

What DOES NOT work yet:

- Fullscreen mode and the various blitters. Barely worked on. Do NOT spend time testing those. Everything is broken, I know it. Test in GUI mode for now on.
- Video modes 0,1,2,3 used by SG-1000/SC-3000/Coleco not working.
- I changed the theme format. Only 5 themes are currently available, no background content yet.
- Switching video mode on the fly (eg: pressing ALT-ENTER) should works but graphics data such as the little flags in file browser may not show properly after that.
- A bunch of MEKA.MSG related warning appears on startup.
- The current theme is not saved (yet).

I had to change A LOT of interface related code, and couldn´t resist poking here and here to change additionnal stuff and make dozens of little improvement in various places. Please report anything that seems broken, apart from the above. It may be a button not working, misplaced graphics, bad colors, etc etc.

I´d be especially grateful if some people went and tested the various applets/option to see if everything´s still working properly.

Right now the binary is forced to run in 32-bits depth mode, so if you have a non-32 bits desktop conversion will be done, eating some more CPU. Otherwise I´d be interested in some (rough) performance reports.

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