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Post subject: Doomsday v1.9.0 Beta 6.3  PostPosted: Jun 02, 2009 - 12:35 AM
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Der Doom, Hexen und Heretic Source-Port Doomsday Engine ist aktualisiert worden.

Wer Lust bekommen hat, Doomsday einmal auszuprobieren, kann sich z.B. die Shareware Version von Doom und anderen ID Spielen auf Q-Marines DOOM WADs Dat Projekt Seite herunterladen.

A new version of the Doom, Heretic and Hexen source port Doomsday Engine has been released.

You can find some shareware versions of Doom and other ID games at Q-Marines DOOM WADs Dat project page.

Version 1.9.0-beta6.3 of the Doomsday Engine has been released and can be downloaded from SourceForge.net.
Packages for Mac OS X and the source tar should follow on later today.

SIGSEGV when attempting to prepare a model, from a definition which requests the automatic scale-to-sprite feature but the sprite it references can not be found.
Remote vulnerability in Cl_ReadSoundDelta2 due to malformed packets. Thanks yagisan.
"Monsters become active at start of some maps" ([1]).
File names specified in DED definitions that include a file extension not working as expected. When locating a resource if a file extension is specified, first check for a file matching the whole name including extension. If not found, then check for other files named similarly but with a different extension (the extensions tried are determined by the class and type of resource being searched for, e.g., for graphics try png/tga/pcx) ([2]).
Flags in Sky definitions ignored.
SIGSEGV when attempting to draw a world surface using a material whose primary texture has an alpha channel and also has a reflection defined.
"jDRP: Weapons point too far to the left" ([3]).
Surface decorations on twosided sidedef upper/lower sections sometimes visible when they should not be.
Subtle render list/ GL state issue which could result in shiny surfaces sometimes being drawn without their specified mask texture.
Common code library
"Map cheat behaviour change" ([4]).
When playing an "After" InFine script (played on map exit) that does not cycle forever, the game would be stuck continuously playing the script over ([5]).
"Infine events command not working" ([6]).
Icon of Sin explosions spawned via A_BrainExplode appear far east of where they should be.
Menu type-in effect not enabled by default.
Use of uninitialized variable when loading an original game save file.
Intermittent fatal error when attempting to go to the intermission from a map whose logical id is greater than 32.
Drawing the game font in the console incorrectly.
Use of uninitialized variable when loading an original game save file.
Drawing the game font in the console incorrectly.
Puzzle pieces not placeable.
"Portals don´t work - they have been turned into black holes that you cannot escape" ([7]).
Inventory items not loaded from saved games ([8]).
Drawing the game font in the console incorrectly.
"jHexen: Door sounds mixed up" ([9]).
SIGSEGV when attempting to set a map par time, if the search-by-map-name returns empty handed. Thanks yagisan.
Always force all non-middle seg sections opaque.
Make use of the gltexture interface for model skins, model shiny skins, lightmaps and custom flare textures.
Optimize: Adopted Lee Killough´s method for LOS checks (using the bsp rather than the BLOCKMAP).
Ensure shiny textures are uploaded with texture compression disabled (banding is very noticeable).
Rather than draw an untextured quad if a texture for a given particle cannot be found, use the default "zeroth" texture instead.
Common code library
Use the standard ASCII codepage for fonts, remapping the existing character patches at start up.
Removed freedoom.wad from the list of recognised/supported IWADs (it depends upon numerous BOOM features which are not presently available).
Use the original STCFN* lumps for the small graphic font (desaturate and amplify at load time). Removed FONTA* lumps from jDOOM.pk3 Mods which replace this the small font (such as the Wolfendoom series) should now work as expected.
Mac OS X
Upgraded wxPython for Snowberry.

Developer blog:


Related links:
[ Weitere Remakes und VMs ]

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