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Post subject: CCS64 v3.7  PostPosted: May 01, 2009 - 02:27 PM
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Håkan Sundell hat eine neue Version seines C64 Emulators für Windows CCS64 veröffentlicht.

Håkan Sundell released a new version of his C64 emulator for Windows, CCS64 .


CCS64 V3.7 release...

CCS64 V3.7 has been released. The following bug-fixes/enhancements have been made:

- ADD: In windowed mode, re-sizing of the window can be done using top/bottom/left/right, which all change the visible C64 portion (i.e. a means of setting $WINDOWSIZEX/Y). Re-sizing with bottom-right is as before (i.e. stretch scaling with Direct 3-D).

- ADD: Changed to using the [Right Shift] key for emulating cursor up/left keys (the C64 only has cursor right/down), because [Left Shift] + [Cursor keys] can some-times create strange characters in BASIC. The [Shift] key to use is configurable in the config file as the $SHIFTKEYAUTO=LEFT/RIGHT setting.

- ADD: Allow more than to 2 real joysticks - now up to 16.

- ADD: Allow the "Joystick Special" sub-menu to select "Bit 4 Single-Fire", in order to by-pass the auto-fire for that trigger.

- ADD: Allow selection of axis-to-axis/button-to-button mapping in the Joystick Calibration screen, so that any axis/button on an advanced joystick/controller can be used as a C64 joystick.

- ADD: To make CCS64 more Windows Vista and multi-user (per computer) friendly, CCS64 also tries to load/save the C64.CFG file from the user´s roaming profile at start-up, unless there is a C64.CFG file in the CCS64 installation directory (because in Windows Vista, a user is not normally allowed to change any file in C:Program Files... without Administrator privileges).

- FIX: NTSC side-border problem. In NTSC mode, when you open the side-borders, and shift sprites on the left border, the C64 jumps to $FF, not $F8 like PAL, after $00. (This was fixed in CCS64 V3.5, but not advised.)

- FIX: Screen-scaling problem for full-screen resolutions beyond 1280 x 1024, which produced a blank display.

- FIX: Last-line pixel-colour problem. This was introduced due to a previous fix.

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