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Post subject: BlastEm v0.5.0  PostPosted: Jun 09, 2017 - 09:56 AM
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Eine neue Version des Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Emulators BlastEm ist erschienen. BlastEm ist Open-Source und u.a. erhätlich für Linux, Mac OS X und Windows.

A new version of the open source Sega Genesis emulator BlastEm has been released.

BlastEm ChangelogMain Page0.5.0Released June 2nd, 2017Download for 32-bit Linux
Download for 64-bit Linux
Download for Windows
Download for OSX
Download SourceNew Features
  • SMS emulation in the form of the Gensis/MD's backwards compatibility mode
  • Added support for SMS controllers
  • Support for the mapper used by Realtec games
  • Support for carts with fixed value registers
  • Support for enough of the XBAND cartridge hardware to allow the menu to boot
  • Basic XBAND keyboard emulation
  • Configurable display overscan
  • Fullscreen mode can now be toggled at runtime
  • Window can now be resized at runtime
  • Support for "semantic" controller button names in the gamepad mapping using SDL2's game controller API
  • Analog axes can now be mapped to emulated gamepad buttons or UI actions
  • System soft reset
  • Keyboard can now be captured when a Saturn or XBAND keyboard is connected to the emulated system
  • Internal screenshots that bypass all output filtering/overscan
  • Homebrew using the "SSF2 Mapper" is now supported via header detection like on the Mega Everdrive
  • Directory used for SRAM, EEPROM and savestates is now configurable
  • Path configuration values can now contain both BlastEm-specific and environment variable references
  • Open GL based rendering can be disabled in favor of the SDL2 render API fallback
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash in certain games that have SRAM and ROM at the same address
  • Fixed some issues with Z80 interrupts that caused issues with sound/music in Sonic 2 and Puyo Puyo 2
  • Z80 debugger no longer crashes when resuming execution
  • Undocumented Z80 instruction "out (c), 0" now decodes properly
  • GDB remote debugging should now work with more recent versions of GDB
  • GDB remote debugging should now work on more recent versions of Windows
  • Overlapping instructions in self-modifying code no longer causes incorrect behavior
  • Z80 instructions "in c" and "out c" now work correclty on 32-bit builds
  • Specifying an output audio frequency higher than the FM frequency no longer deadlocks the emulator
  • Fixed memory map generation for games with 3MB ROM and SRAM at the 3MB mark
Accuracy/Completeness Improvements
  • YM2612 SSG-EG and CSM modes are now implemented
  • VDP Mode 4 is now implemented in both Genesis and SMS mode
  • Basic emulation of refresh delays has been added
  • 68K interrupt latency has been made more accurate
  • CRAM contention artifacts (aka CRAM dots) are now emulated
  • DIVU/DIVS and MULU/MULS are now cycle accurate
  • MOVEM now performs the extra ignored read and has correct timing
  • The timing of serveral other 68K instructions has been fixed
  • Implemented 68K trace mode
  • SBCD flag calculation now matches hardware in 100% of cases
  • 68K -> VDP DMA now properly has a delay at DMA start rather than at the end of the transfer
  • A number of illegal effective address mode/operation combinations now properly decode as illegal instructions
  • Added emulation of the slow rise time of an IO pin that was changed to an input when it was previously outputting 0
  • Partial support for the VDP test register
  • Partial support for the 128KB VRAM mode bit
  • Improved accuracy of low level sprite rendering details
  • Fixed handling of active/passive display transitions so that border extension tricks work
  • Fixed handling of horizontal interrupts in extended display areas
  • More accurate correspondance between horizontal counter and raster beam
  • Partial emulation of serial IO registers
Other Changes
  • Added Japanese version of Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers to ROM DB
  • Added the following EEPROM games to the ROM DB:
    • Ninja Burai Densetsu
    • Rockman Mega World
  • Added ROM DB entries for the following games with incorrect region headers:
    • Another World (E)
    • Alien Soldier (J)
    • Light Crusader (J)
    • Castle of Illusion - Fushigi no Oshiro Daibouken (J)
    • Atomic Robo-Kid (J)
  • Added ROM DB entries for the following games which are incompatible with 6-button controllers:
    • King of Monsters
    • Combat Cars
    • Second Samurai
    • Dungeons & Dragons - Warriors of the Eternal Sun
  • Added ROM DB entries for the following games with fixed value registers:
    • Ya Se Chuan Sho
    • 16 Zhang Ma Jiang
    • Elf Wor
    • Huan Le Tao Qi Shu: Smart Mouse
    • Mighty Morphin' Power Ranges: The Fighting Edition
    • Super Bubble Bobble MD
    • Thunderbolt II
  • Added ROM DBentries for teh following games that have bad/missing SRAM headers:
    • Hardball III
    • Might and Magic - Gates to Another World
    • Might and Magic III - Isles of Terra

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