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Post subject: Dreamcast: Demul v0.581 WIP  PostPosted: Aug 05, 2013 - 02:35 PM
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Eine neue Version des SEGA ATOMISWAVE, Dreamcast, NAOMI und NAOMI2 Emulators Demul wurde veröffentlicht. Bisher ist nur die 32-Bit Version verfügbar.

A new version of the SEGA ATOMISWAVE, Dreamcast, NAOMI und NAOMI2 emulator Demul has been released. So far, only the 32-bit version is available.

[05 august 2013] DEmul 0.581 WIP

Release notes:

Bugfix release. Post more issues to our tracker for further improvements: http://code.google.com/p/demul/issues/list.

- DX11: add read fb to dc vram
- DX11: bilinear and textcoord clamp/flip fixes (Samurai6 shadows, Xtreeme Sports title, etc)
- DX11: clip mode set without GroupEn bit (18Wheleeler map, checkme), modvol clip
- DX11: fix 1x1 mips in 16bit and IDX8 textures (road marks in Sonic2); miplevel clamp; join similar texture decoders
- DX11: fix aspect ratio (need test)
- DX11: fix modifier holes
- DX11: fix scaling with RTT
- DX11: fix z plane generation
- DX11: force background deptmode to 7
- DX11: hw-like trilinear filter, optimise shadow
- DX11: network sort option
- DX11: use clip for RenderDepth (fixes arcade 18Wheelerer), RenderDepth only shadow poly (fix Xtreme sports), UV clamp/flip/wrap inside TextureSample() (fixes textures gaps), always use color clamp (Rumble Fish attract), all fog processing after shading calc
- DX11: use mipmap adjust, add supersample (not working)
- HIKARU: NASCAR boot in public build
- HIKARU: sram mapping error fix, now pharrier can bookkeep (issue #54)
- LISTXML generation fixes
- NAOMI: Crazy Taxi debug ctrls
- NAOMI: a bit better Alien Front controls
- SPU: fix cdda status set to gdrom
- SPU: fix loop sound sonic adventure (refix from rev 1809)
- SPU: return old adpcm decoder
- full rewrite aica DSP

DEmul v0.58 WIP

DEmul v0.58 WIP has been out for a few days now. Get it while its hot! From their Russian forum:

Introducing the new version of Demul 0.58. Of significant added support for two new arcade system, almost completely rewritten GPU driver support full DX11 (DX11 old moved to the plugin code DX10 and is designed for systems that do not support DX11 hardware, DXv3 and Legacy are no longer supported and are not included in the release) and more many various improvements and bug fixes.

For better tracking and hot fixes bug tracker is open: http://code.google.com/p/demul/issues/list . All interested persons are invited to actively test

AWAVE: Sega Bass Fishing Challenge romset added
AWAVE: use MAME´s NGBC rom, enable BBA
CORE: FPU opcodes timing fix ("Dead Or Alive 2" slowdown fix)
CORE: MMU sh4 fix
CORE: addc, subc opcodes for SH2/SH3/SH4 fix
CORE: dreamcast various fixes
CORE: fcmpeq NAND case fix
CORE: ftrc NaNd round fix
CORE: ftrc int / rec opcode fix
CORE: heap corruption fix
CORE: internal DMAC support
CORE: invalidate code SH4 fix
CORE: trapa SH2 fix
DC: a lot of game-specific fixes, now more games are playable or glitch-free
DX11: bump mapping added
DX11: order independent transparency added
DX11: render to texture full rewrite
DX11: scaling added
DX11: shadow volume full refactor
DX11: translucent modifier inplemented
DX11: two volume modifier implemented
GAELCO: new system added with two games supported: Smashing Drive and ATV Track
GDROM: gdrom threading disabled
GPU: DX10/DX11 support for Hardware and Software renders (can be played virtually on any GPU card, but obviously very slow)
GPU: much correct volumes support
GPU: workaround for ATI bugs
HIKARU: system support added, a lot of work needed
NAOMI2: new model cache system
NAOMI2: reflect fix
NAOMI2: render to texture fix
NAOMI2: various improvements
NAOMI: Crackin DJ controls fix
NAOMI: Gun Spike auto-coin fix
NAOMI: Ninja Assault Export (NJA4verA) added
NAOMI: Ninja Assault light gun fix
NAOMI: add 2 new USA bioses
NAOMI: new romsets added: initdv3j with key, Star Horse, Shakatto Tambourine 2001 Spring, Ninja Assault new rev, crackndj2, gunsur2 alt rev, marstv, Radirgy new rev, etc ...
NET: BBA network support (TAP driver / OpenVPN needed, modem isn´t supported yet)
NET: sync flash / eeprom / etc
PAD: dead zones, dc triggers fix
PAD: full xinput support
VMS: fixed parsing crash on some VMS files
VMS: various fixes


AWAVE: added a new romsety Sega Bass Fishing Challenge
AWAVE: NGBC used again romsety of MAME, enabled BBA
CORE: Fixed timing FPU opcode (fixes slowdown "Dead Or Alive 2")
CORE: Fixed opcodes addc, subc for SH2/SH3/SH4
CORE: various fixes for dreamcast
CORE: Fixed opcode fcmpeq the case NaNd
CORE: Fixed opcode ftrc the case NaNd
CORE: Fixed opcode ftrc for int / rec
CORE: Fixed partial damage of the heap
CORE: Support internal DMAC
CORE: fix invalidation for SH4
CORE: Fixed opcode trapa for SH2
DC: bunch of patches for games, more games now and start working without glitches
DX11: added support for bump mapping
DX11: Added and improved support for sorting transparent polygons
DX11: fully rewritten render to texture
DX11: added support for high resolutions
DX11: added full support for shadow volumes / modifiers
DX11: added support for translucent volume modifiers
DX11: added support for two-volume modifiers
GAELCO: supported by the new system and two games on it: Smashing Drive and ATV Track
GDROM: trading became disabled support for gdrom
GPU: added support for rendering softvarnogo DX10/DX11 (theoretically can now be run on any system Desmoulins, but it will be very slow)
GPU: ATI bug fixes for graphics cards
HIKARU: supported by the new system (still in development, but in a couple of games you can already play)
NAOMI2: new cache system models
NAOMI2: fixed bug with reflections
NAOMI2: fixed bug with render to texture
NAOMI2: other changes and improvements
NAOMI: Fixed management Crackin DJ
NAOMI: Fixed AutoAdd coins Gun Spike
NAOMI: romsetov added a lot of new and old revisions romsetov
NET: Support network games on the BBA adapter (required TAP driver and OpenVPN, the modem is still not supported)
NET: improved synchronization network game
PAD: support for the blind zones, fixed bugs with hammers DC
PAD: added full support xinput compatible controllers
VMS: various fixes and improvements

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