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Author Message
Post subject: Dreamcast: Demul 0.4.1 WIP Release  PostPosted: Jun 23, 2008 - 09:09 PM
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DEMUL ein guter und schneller Sega Dreamcast und Sega Naomi Emulator für Windows ist in einer neuen Beta Version erschienen.
Interessierte sind dazu angehalten diese Version zu testen.

DEMUL is a new Sega Dreamcast and Sega Naomi Emulator for Windows and was released in a new beta version today.

No english changelog available, here´s a machine translated version:
[DC] Demul 0.4.1 WIP Release

CaH4e3 Today, 21:57
It is time to submit yet another version of the suffering Russian-Soviet emulator Drimkasta Demul.

I hope you have waited this just as we are. The same would have liked that the new version lives up your hopes, as well as ours. After a year and a half develop again became quite active phase, so this is not the latest version for this year. Wink I do not want to disappoint you, but it is still far from final and ideal solution. Much work, but because now emulators Drima already quite a lot, including actively developing, is where to draw ideas and what to strive. Wink

It was agreed to build this audience for its comprehensive testing, as the bug is still left quite a lot, you should at least know where they occur. So the main page emulator is not updated, release spread here in the form of bare without soprovodilovki and additional. The main functions and operating principles remain unchanged from previous versions, all features described in the Old readme.txt. Of innovations can be identified only:

In most notably: BIOS files are now directly from romseta MAME and must lie in a folder in the files ROMS DC.ZIP, as in most mothers.
The kernel has been rewritten several times, that was some advance work (especially at Core2Duo). Wink
In connection with the above earned games for WinCE. True, not all and not completely.
Sound transformed anew, for the time being tested at the games, he sounds almost perfect.
Without any changes managed to combine the strengths in one emulator two systems at once: in fact, by itself автомат Drimkast and Naomiarcade based on it.
Now it is possible to change the region stations directly from the menu emulator, respectively, the need for change biosa and flash-file with him entirely disappears.
A small korektirovka processing peaks triangles gave correction nektoryh problems on maps Nvidia c driver OpenGL (see Sonic 2).
By trifles corrected some old bugs (but not all).

Slightly more details on the above:

WinCE works only in the mode Intepreter, so quite slow and not always bezglyuchno. As soon as the realization of MMU will be combined with dynamic rekompilyatorom, it will be possible to talk about a certain playability, but not earlier.
BORG speed the withdrawal of personnel, as before, working through plug-GPU option, although not quite perfect, if you need it. GPU little rewriting, so much emulation disperse it still will not give. Wink
The sound is so perfect in its mass, how bad in some places. Because we tested at this time, some games not to reproduce the sounds of strikes, and additional rounds. I hope with your help we can find more such problems, locate them and correct. This requires simply tell us about possible mistakes to make the sound, and the work of emulation in general. I recall that GPU remained the same, so that part bOlshaya graphic bugs remained on the ground, so do not be quick to shout about the fact that you have something does not work, perhaps we already know what´s wrong and are working on the problem.
Of the currently available at the time available for Roma Naomi, supported only options in the form of ROMov, and only those who have a standard controller. Mahjong and fishing has not worked because neemuliruemosti management. Viruta strayker also showed lack of willingness to work, so not much radio. To start the game, must be standardized romsety naomi of MAME, together with packaging biosov ROMS in a folder in the main directory emulator. I would like to note that available in the files romsete naomi, few are working. The vast majority indicated as NO_DUMP and instead file contains garbage-filler. So do not be quick to complain that you can not run. Dopodlinno know that the work Cosmic Smash and Toy Fighter.

Even I could have forgotten something. As the repository moved a couple of times, a complete list of changes could be traced vryadli. When will reach their hands to upgrade ofsayta, will be updated documentation, a list of changes and compatibility lists. You need support as always, patience and willingness to test the current version, reporting on all the gaps, you have found.

So, forward:

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Willst du mehr von, über oder mit mir lesen, besuche mich auf

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Post subject: Dreamcast: Demul 0.4.1 WIP Release  PostPosted: Jun 24, 2008 - 04:27 PM

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Wahuu! Zwar denke ich mal, dass das Dings kaum mit nullDC mithalten kann. Werd's aber gleich mal ausprobieren!
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