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Post subject: AppleWin v1.30.0.0  PostPosted: Apr 22, 2021 - 05:46 PM
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Der Apple IIe Emulator AppleWin wurde aktualisiert. 

The Apple IIe Emulator AppleWin has been updated. 

Quote: - 18 Apr 2021Note: This version only works under Windows XP and later.
  • [Change #693] AppleWin built with VS2019 using v141_xp platform toolset
  • [Change #939] Improved support for SSI263 speech chip.
    • Fix for 'Classic Adventure' (#929) not detecting speech chip.
    • Support the 2-bit Duration b7:6 of phoneme register for SSI263 (not SC01).
    • Support 2nd SSI263 at $Cn20 connected to 6522-A (at $Cn00).
    • SC01: only support it mapped to 6522 at $Cn00.
  • [Change #936] Swap Joystick Buttons not working
    • Command line (-swap-buttons) or GUI "Swap 0/1" now swaps buttons 0/1 for all devices.
  • [Change #930] WOZ support: add some random jitter in the bit stream
    • A better alternative fix for WOZ images: 'Wasteland' and 'Legacy of the Ancients'.
    • Fix for WOZ images: 'Gruds in Space' (bug #921) and 'Buzzard Bait' (bug #930).
  • [Change #912] For 'Base 64A' add support for its F2 key via the Windows DEL key.
  • [Change #876] Starting up windowed mode & fullscreen mode
    • New command line switch -no-full-screen to start in windowed mode.
    • Added command line switch -full-screen as an alias for -f.
  • [Change #864] Anti-M 1.8 doesn't work
    • Improved Disk II card's data latch value when: (a) drive disconnected or (b) connected, but empty.
    • New command line switches -d1-disconnected and -d2-disconnected to disconnect drives from slot-6 card.
  • [Bug #934] Characters doubled in BASIC.SYSTEM when using -speech switch.
    • Trap calls to COUT1 and BASICOUT (instead of COUT).
  • [Bug #827] Fix bug where NSC is recognised on Apple II/II+ when slot-3 is empty.
    • Support NSC on 6502-based Apple II's via F8-ROM for ProDOS 2.5 compatibility.
  • [Bug #770] Fix so that no AY changes get dropped.
    • Support reading the AY-3-8913 registers (not Phasor though).
  • [Bug #652, #833] Fixes for Mockingboard's 6522 VIA.
    • Cycle-accurate TIMER1/2 r/w for all addressing modes.
    • Support TIMER1 latch in one-shot mode.
    • Improve 6522 reset support - only ACR,IFR,IER affected.
  • [PR #891] Fix for "Unable to capture PrintScreen key" warning on startup.
    • Adds a "Don't show this message again" checkbox to the message.
  • Debugger: add red 'IRQ' after the v/h-pos when IRQ is being asserted to the 6502.
  • Debugger: improve mini-memory views for 6522 & AY8913 chip registers.
  • Much refactoring to the code by Andrea Odetti / @audetto.

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