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Post subject: DGen/SDL v1.30  PostPosted: Mar 12, 2012 - 05:34 PM
AEP Team Member

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DGen/SDL ist ein Sega Mega Drive / Genesis Emulator für Linux / SDL.

DGen/SDL is a Sega Genesis emulator for Linux / SDL.

v1.30 <- v1.29
* Screenshots can be taken either from the raw MD video output or the
rendered screen (now the default) using bool_raw_screenshot.
* Fixed 24 bpp (3 Bpp) video output on little endian machines. 15 bpp mode
was also broken and has been fixed, even if no one use this.
* Improved MinGW (Windows) support. There is now a -m option to prevent
it from detaching from its console during startup.
* Fixed buggy automatic info bar font size.
* Internal debugging can be enabled with --enable-debug.
* Major video initialization refactoring which among other things allows
the screen to be reconfigured on the fly.
* Improved archived ROMs support. DGen/SDL is now able to read ZIP files
* OpenGL: lower CPU usage somewhat using different texture parameters
and dropping byte swapping support.
* Support any number of ROMs on the command-line. DGen switches to the
next one instead of exiting.
* Implement a prompt to interactively configure DGen and issue commands
(load and unload ROM files for instance, which was previously not
possible). This prompt supports history, completion and line editing.
* Keys can now be unbound using empty definitions.
* Added RC variables for video Hz, PAL mode and region configuration.
* Rendered screen is now scaled by a factor of 2 by default.
* Fixed joystick issues. bool_joystick is also enabled by default.
* The default ROM path can be configured using str_rom_path.
* When OpenGL fails to initialize, DGen fallbacks to non-OpenGL instead
of exiting.
* Added CTV filter "swab" to replace bool_opengl_swap. It can be enabled
using bool_swab.
* Added volume control keys and RC variable int_volume.
* Added bool_autoconf. This enables DGen to save its current configuration
to dgenrc.auto before exiting. Editing dgenrc directly isn´t necessary
* Added splash screen so DGen has something other than a black screen to
display when no ROM is loaded.
* Added debugger support. This debugger fully supports M68K watch points,
break points, memory dumping, registers dumping and disassembly, but can
currently only dump Z80 registers. It´s available when compiled with
--enable-debugger and is triggered by pressing "`".
* CTV filters can now be stacked. This stack is managed using the commands
"ctv_push", "ctv_pop" and "ctv_none" at the prompt.
* Added FPS counter. Can be enabled with bool_fps.
* hqx: fixed 16 bpp and added 24 bpp support to hq2x, added 16 bpp and 24 bpp
support to hq3x and hq4x. hqx has also been entirely refactored.
* hqx initialization isn´t done at startup anymore, only when hqx is enabled.
* Added support for non-QWERTY keyboards. Keyboard symbols are now the same
as those used in the configuration file. Non-ASCII symbols must be entered
in UTF-8. The shift modifier cannot be used with keys that generate symbols
* Imported scale2x filters. These filters are much faster than hqx and also
look pretty nice. They are available for 15, 16 and 32 bpp.
* Many other minor bugfixes as usual.

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Post subject: DGen/SDL v1.30  PostPosted: Mar 12, 2012 - 06:26 PM

Joined: Mar 10, 2012
Posts: 29

Highscores in 09/2020

Funktioniert wieder einwandfrei. Danke für die Nachricht.

T u n c a y
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