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Welcome to CVS Compile
Some words about what we are doing:
A lot of emulators are open source, and most of them have a public CVS available for interested people. The problem for most people is, that they don't have any clue how to compile a source to get a working emulator.
This is the point were we are coming into beeing. We are doing the ugly compile-work to allow people, who are not allowed to compile the sources theirself, to have a look at the current project status of their favorite emulator.

Update policy:
If nothing really interesting happens inside the public CVS-Trees, new builds will be published late sunday / early monday each week.
If something important gets commited (support for something really new, important bugfix etc etc), we will put the compile on the webpage immediately (well - at least as fast as we notice the commit). Warning:
- there is NO support for CVS build, neither from the emulator-author nor from us
- there is NO guarantee that these builds work better than the official files (or even work at all) - it's WIP, and it might be broken
- again: don't blame us for anything not working ;)

We set up an Forum on our mainpage (AEP Emulation), where you may discuss the CVS Builds.

Ok, enough words - have fun :)

Remark: If you know about another open source emulator with public CVS, and you want to see compiles on this page, don't hesitate to contact us.
If we manage to compile the CVS and we think the emulator is worth to be listed here, we will add it to the compile list.

::: cvscompile.aep-emu.de