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Nintendo SNES Emu Comparsion (Juli 2005)

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I excluded knowingly to cross test Functions like BS-X or Super System Emulation. I think, SNES Emulation itself doesn’t have to be concerned with it directly and so this Features should be tested for it self. Many things were done and fixed and my testing setup exposed again, something needs to be perfect, to quit development.

Unfortunately, SNES9xpp SE is quite dead now. It showed up many appendages, though there are (few) FX Chips to be emulated yet. As it stands now, SNES9xpp SE has to give off the lead to - Surprise! - ZSNES, which provides best FX chip emulation yet. Indeed, ZSNES isn’t faultless yet as I found some ways to crash it. As they are hard to reproduce, it doesn’t effect big times today; ZSNES rounds up to 5-Star Rating yet. Anyhow I have to praise the extremely low CPU Load, ZSNES produced, (It needs average half of SNES9x' CPU time!) which recommends it for use with weak (older) PCs. uoSNES did an impressive self-introduction within the big ones line-up. Sadly, there's no Resolution Setting for fullscreen Emulation but therefore, we get excellent sound. Snes9x is still familiar to most Emu Fans but its no more the best one to know. All this is nagging on highest standard and we should never forget that EVERY tested Emu is capable to play hundreds of games at optimal quality.

SNES9x has one Advantage versus uosnes and SNES9xpp SE: They're both using many Hacks to provide better 'Emulation'. This isnt technically correct even though it does seem to work better after all.

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© AEP 2005, written by Chaos, assistance by Tommy_, XTale & retroK
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