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Nintendo SNES Emu Comparsion (Juli 2005)

Page: 5/7
(2785 total words in this text)
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ZSNES (CVS 21.05.2005)

Emulation Testing:

Chrono_Trigger_(U)_[!].smc - 2 out of 2 points.
Since ZSNES was one of the first emulators to play Chrono Trigger, I didn’t expect any other result here.

Final_Fantasy_III_(U)_(V1.1)_[!].swc - 2 out of 2 points
ZSNES was the first emulator to get complete FF3 Emulation. Everything worked fine this time too.

Street_Fighter_Alpha_2_(E)_[!].smc - 2 out of 2 points (Corrected) Seems to work wo. emulation problems, as those loading times are normal.

Jikkyou_Oshaberi_Parodius_(J).smc - 2 out of 2 points
The game was playable without any problems.

Mega_Man_X_2_(E)_[!].swc - 2 out of 2 points
Capcoms Title Hero didn’t have any problems too.

Top_Gear_3000_(U).smc - 2 out of 2 points
DPS-4 Emulation seems to be okay. So everything worked fine here.

SD_Gundam_GX_(J).smc - 0 out of 2 points
The Rom failed to load. DSP-3 doesn’t seem to be fully emulated yet.

Ace_wo_Nerae!_(J).smc - 2 out of 2 points
Therefore it was no problem again to play some Tennis. :)

Suzuka_8_Hours_(U).smc - 2 out of 2 points
It was no problem to do some racing too.

Vortex_(E)_[!].smc - 2 out of 2 points
Everything's emulated correctly.

Doom_(U).smc - 2 out of 2 points
The fastest FX Chip is emulated correctly. No problems here.

Emulation Overall: 20 out of 22 points


Well... ZSNES GUI needs getting used to, but it does its job very well. It is easily operated and features every setting I could ever need: Display Settings (Resolutions, Eye Candy), sound, network and cheats; Any cheats to think of! It was really impressive to check ZSNES CPU Load in action: It moved from 20 to 39% - in average ZSNES does only need half of SNES9X's CPU time! Unfortunately, I found some bugs, how to crash ZSNES. As its hard to reproduce, it doesn’t make that bad impact on ZSNES rating. Indeed I wish to see this bugs fixed soon.

Setting Amount: 10 out of 10 points
Ease of Use: 10 out of 10 points
Stability: 5 out of 6 points
CPU Load: 4 out of 4 points

GUI Overall: 29 out of 30 points

Total Score: 49 out of 52 points = 94% = 5 Stars

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© AEP 2005, written by Chaos, assistance by Tommy_, XTale & retroK
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