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Author Message
Post subject: Remakes_VMs: OpenGoal 0.2.9  PostPosted: Apr 05, 2024 - 01:04 PM
Site Admin

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OpenGoal ist eine quelloffene Reimplementierung der Jak & Daxter Spielengine.

OpenGoal is an open-source reimplementation of the Jak & Daxter eingine / language.

  • deps: update fmt to latest version by @xTVaser in #3403
  • deps: SDL update to 2.30.0 by @xTVaser in #3384
  • ci: move to sccache by @xTVaser in #3404
  • ci: move to macos-12 by @xTVaser in #3407
  • Fix issues with camera movement with controller when mouse tracking is also enabled by @xTVaser in #3409
  • [jak3] Decompile sprite by @water111 in #3412
  • Fix minor issues related to the speedrunner mode menu, also stop saving the pc-settings every frame when sr mode is on by @xTVaser in #3413
  • d/j3: ensure type-tests pass by @xTVaser in #3414
  • g/j2: Update some vehicle related naming by @xTVaser in #3419
  • g/j2: workaround intermittent lifeseed DMA crash by @xTVaser in #3418
  • [jak3] Decompile sprite and debug files by @water111 in #3420
  • CI: Periodic Controller Database Update by @OpenGOALBot in #3423
  • decomp3: more engine stuff, support boxed stack arrays in compiler by @Hat-Kid in #3424
  • Port bones.gc math to GOAL by @water111 in #3425
  • [goal] Add labels, break, and continue to loops by @Brent-Hickey in #3426
  • Decompile foreground and bones by @water111 in #3427
  • Decompile font, decomp, background, shrubbery by @water111 in #3428
  • Decompile tfrag, tie, prim by @water111 in #3429
  • CI: Periodic Controller Database Update by @OpenGOALBot in #3430
  • decomp3: more engine files, get-texture macro, use print method in autogenerated inspect, fix bitfield float print by @Hat-Kid in #3432
  • Decompile level by @water111 in #3433
  • decomp drawable, main by @water111 in #3434
  • [jak3] A bunch of small fixes to get game.cgo to load by @water111 in #3435
  • decomp3: more engine stuff, fix ja macro detection for jak 2/3, unmerged let matcher, part-tracker-spawn macro by @Hat-Kid in #3436
  • LSP: A bunch of new OpenGOAL language features by @xTVaser in #3437
  • g/j1: remove the redundant graphics menu by @xTVaser in #3421
  • decomp3: support for virtual states inheriting from their own type's virtual states, gun-yellow-shot, gun-red-shot, gun-dark-shot by @Hat-Kid in #3438
  • goalc: Fix new symbol trie's performance inefficiencies by @xTVaser in #3443
  • CI: Periodic Controller Database Update by @OpenGOALBot in #3444
  • decompiler: allow overriding dgo inputs by @Hat-Kid in #3446
  • build(deps): bump mathieudutour/github-tag-action from 6.1 to 6.2 by @dependabot in #3442
  • goalc: add some nullptr checks around symbol map lookups by @xTVaser in #3447

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