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Post subject: Gameboy: Goomba Color (alpha 1)  PostPosted: Jan 06, 2006 - 08:54 PM
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Goomba-Color (alpha 1) ist ein auf Goomba von FluBBa basierender Gameboy Color Emulator für den Gameboy Advance.

Goomba-Color (alpha 1),is a Gameboy emulator(based on Goomba ) for the Gameboy Advance.

Changes from last version of Goomba:
Changed memory system to support bankswitching to 4k resolution
Identifies to game as a Gameboy Color
Added VRAM bankswitching
Added RAM bankswitching
Added partial HDMA
Added extended attributes per tile and sprite
Added background colors
Added sprite colors
Rearranged tilemaps in vram
Removed support for borders
Added Raster effects for Window layer
Moved to 4-layer drawing system
Draws solid background tiles below the layers to allow color 0 to be visible
Replaces one layer with the GUI when necessary
Added Double Speed mode, but it´s disabled now
Fixed a very stupid VRAM read bug

Known Issues:
Savestates are broken, therefore DISABLED in this version.
Some GB games don´t draw the background and sprites (Ninja Gaiden).
Right now, it´s running in a funky GBC+GB mode, so games that try to
set the palette the GB way will succeed, and turn the early colors
into monochrome. Looks quite ugly.
Similar problem with sprites, some games may use the wrong colors for
sprites in either GB or GBC mode
Many GBC games still don´t boot.
Many GBC games show no graphics.
No mid-frame palette changing, so programs that use the so-called
"hi-color" mode won´t work.
Millionaire also looks incorrect.

Fix Savestates
Write VRAM and Tilemap at end of frame instead of during frame
Disallow GBC features in GB mode
Disallow GB features in GBC mode (yucky colors in some games)
Allow selection of GB/GBC mode
Make "Allow Double Speed mode" an option instead of just disabling it
Add options to disable or force drawing sprites or background
Fix out of bounds writes in the line-by-line updates
Fix the broken games
Add mid-screen palette changes

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