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Post subject: Atari Jaguar: BigPEmu 1.07  PostPosted: Aug 07, 2023 - 02:13 PM
Site Admin

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BigPEmu ist ein Atari Jaguar Emulator für Windows. 

BigPEmu is an Atari Jaguar emulator for Windows. 

Version 1.07
  • Jaguar VR support is here, with head tracking and stereoscopic rendering.
    • A new Head Tracker input device type has been added, along with some options for converting analog inputs to tracker angles.
    • Stereoscopic rendering is fully implemented, and integrated into the scripting system.
    • Check out all the new settings in the Video/VR menu.
    • The scripting system has the potential to add Head Tracker support and stereoscopic rendering to any Jaguar title, so more Jaguar VR games may be coming!
    • This video demonstrates and explains some of the new VR functionality: https://youtu.be/BAJjzlrsbis
  • Added an OpenVR plugin to support the new Jaguar VR implementation.
  • A new script is included to implement stereoscopic rendering and enable Head Tracker support in the final/retail version of Missile Command 3D.
    • To map the head tracking through any analog input with the script enabled: set the second input device type to "Head Tracker", and bind the second device's analog inputs to whatever pleases you.
    • To enable stereoscopic rendering with the script enabled: go to Script Settings in the menu and enable the stereoscopic rendering option. Stereo-capable scenes will be rendered using the emulator's selected VR/anaglyph 3D settings.
    • When VR is enabled (via the Video/VR settings) and successfully initialized, if a compatible headset is present, its orientation will automatically feed the Head Tracker input.
    • Stereoscopic rendering was never actually implemented in MC3D, this is a brand new software feature designed to fully realize the potential of Jaguar VR.
  • Fixed a Blitter issue with DCOMPEN in phrase mode. (introduced in the Patreon-exclusive 1.061 build)
  • Lots of changes/additions for developer mode, and separate debugger-enabled builds are now available from the official web site. Check the ReadMeDev.txt file in the debugger-enabled build distribution for more information. (introduced in the Patreon-exclusive 1.061 build)

Danke an Juttar fuer den Hinweis.
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Alderaan shot first! 
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Post subject:   PostPosted: Aug 08, 2023 - 02:52 AM

Joined: Oct 04, 2009
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Es gibt schon ein kleines Update:

Version 1.071
- Fixed a bug which was causing the VR Swap Eyes setting to be incorrectly tied to other settings. This probably explains reports from some users of being "cross-eyed" by default.
- Added stereoscopic rendering support for the GPU list variant used by the MC3D stage 1-3 boss.
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