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Author Message
Post subject: Remakes_VMs: ScummVM v2.7.1  PostPosted: Jul 31, 2023 - 10:34 PM
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Die beliebte Virtual Machine für klassische Adventures ScummVM wurde heute in einer neuen Version veröffentlicht.

A new version of the popular virtual machine for classic adventures ScummVM has been released.

2.7.1 "Stan's previously broken swords"(2023-07-31)
  • General:
    • Fixed playback speed for Theora videos.
    • Added scummvm.log file viewer.
    • Exposed ScummVM debug level in the GUI (Misc tab).
    • Fixed shader scaler loading failing in certain conditions.
    • Fixed some screen shaking effects (as in DOTT) causing a crash on SDL1 ports.
  • AGI:
    • Restored possibility to pick arbitrary render mode in Game Options.
  • AGS:
    • Multiple additions to game detection tables
    • Fixed crashes in various games (commercial and freeware).
    • Fixed graphical priority errors when using computers in Resonance, Kathy Rain and Blackwell Convergence.
    • Fix for some sounds not playing in "The Cat Lady" and other games.
    • Reintroduced thumbnail creation for all savegames.
    • Fixed regression for translation setting not being saved.
    • Fixed translation bug in Zniw Adventure (linux version).
    • Fixed wrong walkspeed in old games (e.g. Apprentice).
    • Added small workaround for purple texts appearing transparent.
    • Minor changes to debug/error messages and code style.
    • Improved display of text.
    • Fixed files access preventing to finish Versailles.
  • Freescape:
    • Added OpenGL shaders renderer.
    • Games are loading original images from the data files.
    • Refactored and expanded detection tables for Driller and other unsupported games.
    • Reimplemented object/player collisions to be more robust.
  • HDB:
    • Fixed bug with inability to pick up red envelope with keyboard.
  • Hypno:
    • Support rendering Korean font for Wetlands.
  • Private:
    • Dropped 16bit engine requirement.
  • SAGA:
    • Fixed loading resources from the Amiga release of ITE.
    • Fixed crash or misbehaviors when handling certain actor actions.
  • SAGA2:
    • Fixed crash when hovering over certain spells.
  • SCUMM:
    • Fixed music volume regression in Loom.
    • Fixed a crash in Full Throttle when pressing 'A' in debug mode.
    • Silence the warning for missing music files in Monkey Island 1 Ultimate Talkie.
    • Fixed glitched or invisible cursor in Sam & Max when saving and reloading from the classic menu.
    • Fixed several savegame loading issues and crashes for early FM-Towns games.
    • Fixed original GUI banners not disappearing properly in some edge cases.
  • Sword1:
    • Added detection for Czech and Polish versions with DXA cutscenes.
    • Added detection for alternative French and Italian versions.
    • Added detection for Brazilian version published by TecToy.
  • Sword2:
    • Added support for GOG.com version.
    • Added detection for alternate Polish version.
  • Tinsel:
    • Fixed reading older Discworld II savegames.
    • Fixed unaligned accesses.
  • Tony:
    • Fixed unaligned accesses.
  • Touche:
    • Added support for Russian translation by old-games.ru.
  • iOS port:
    • Fix default theme selection on modern devices.
    • Better support for autostart configurations.
  • macOS port:
    • Better support for autostart configurations.
  • RISC OS port:
    • Fixed crash on RISC OS 5 with games that require lots of RAM.

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