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Post subject: Doom Legacy v1.48.6  PostPosted: Oct 21, 2020 - 11:49 AM
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Der Doom Source-Port Doom Legacy wurde aktualisiert.

A new version of the Doom source port Doom Legacy has been released.

  • DoomLegacy can read zip archives (Linux Only, enabled by compile option ZIPWAD). When an load file is a zip archive, all loadable files within the archive are loaded. When searching for a known file, zip archives of the same name (but with .zip) are also searched.
    This uses library libzip. When built with compile option ZIPWAD_OPTIONAL, DoomLegacy detects if the libzip library is present on the user machine. This allows DoomLegacy to run without the feature, when the user does not have libzip.
    A libzip before version 1.2 does not have a seek function. A compile option will provide our own zip_seek function, so libzip 1.0 can be used.
  • Recorded Demos now include both the Version and Revision numbers, so revision specific behaviors can be enabled. DoomLegacy 1.48.6 has modified its native demo format, which is revision specific. Older demo formats are still playable.
  • Recognize and handle DeePsea Tall patches. Enabled with compile option DEEPSEA_TALL_PATCH. Michael Bauerle submitted the orignial patch, derived from crispy doom.
BUG FIXES 1.48.6
  • DoomLegacy and PrBoom monster infighting does not have missile invulnerability between monsters of the same species. Some other ports (Boom, MBF, Eternity engine) do not have the infight test, so their monsters are always invulnerable to missiles from their own species.
    Added another item to the infight control to select the behavior.
    Implements "Full Infight" setting with missile damage (Legacy, PrBoom).
    Implements other infight settings without missile damage (Boom, MBF, Eternity).
    Fixes BUG 0664.Added MBF infight logic, thats stops monsters from firing on friends.
  • Legacy demo would fail to start due to blocking the textcmd that loads the map.The Legacy 1.48.4 demo was recorded with player 0 issuing the map textcmd. Player 0 was not in the game yet, and this was detected as a textcmd from a non-existant player, which got caught by new security code. For textcmd issued before player 0 is in the game, the demo needs to use SERVER_PID.
    Fixed demo read to redirect player 0 demo textcmd to SERVER_PID.DoomLegacy 1.48 has a single long combined textbuf, containing the textcmd from all players. Within the combined textbuf, there are individual textcmd marked with the player id. Individual textcmd are still limited to 255 chars as in an ordinary textbuf. The DoomLegacy 1.48.6 demo format has been changed to store the entire combined textbuf buffer into the player 0 slot. This is simpler for recording and playback, has the same effect, and allows SERVER_PID textcmd, which the previous demo format did not.The commands to create a player (and other server actions) are now issued by SERVER_PID, where in older demos they were issued by player 0, before player 0 existed. DoomLegacy 1.48 has better protection against malicious network traffic than previous versions, and checking textcmd validity is part of the security protection. This fixes demo playback to work with the security checking.Changed the SERVER_PID to 250 now, for future expansion of players.This fixes bug 0665.
  • Fixed the moonwalk bug, where monsters would sometimes walk backward. This was due to a bad translation of an everything-in-one-expression to more maintainable code.
  • Make an oof sound when hit a 2s line, just like when hit a 1s line. Adopted from PrBoom, a Killough enhancement.
  • Make optional, and disabled, some old development hacks.
    Loaded development wads from a special directory. This used switches -wart, -devgame (even older -shdev, -regdev, -comdev).
    If a filename started with a tilde "~", it was taken as an indication to reload the file on every lump access. This was to enable leaving doom running while changing wad files.
    Not implemented in any port anyway.
  • The Full Graphics startup was fragile, requiring constant fixing. Video startup now changes directly to the config modes, which is faster and cleaner. Removed some antiquated code and interactions, adopting an interface that puts the main code in control.
  • Fixed the violet line, trees, and tall sprites of "Lost civilization" wad. This required being able to save the same texture as both a transparent patch texture, for drawing hanging vines, and as a picture format texture, for drawing tiled walls. This fixes Bug 0663.
  • The fast drawing of wall textures required them to be a power-of-2 in width, so they could be tiled. To handle the case where it is not a power-of-2 in width, it now uses a slower masked draw similar to that in PrBoom, which also handles a negative offset. This fixes the large tree in "Lost civilization".
  • Fixed some old code to use POSIX fcntl, which allows it to compile on SunOS. Patches submitted by Michael Bauerle. Fixes Bug 0666,

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