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Post subject: WinUAE v3.2.0 Beta 13  PostPosted: Sep 24, 2015 - 11:34 PM

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Eine neue Beta Version des Amiga Emulators WinUAE 3.2.0 wurde zum testen freigegeben.

A new beta version of the Amiga emulator WinUAE 3.2.0 is available for testing.


Beta 13

http://www.winuae.net/files/b/winuae64_3200b13.7z (64-bit)

- SCSI emulation INQUIRY command didn´t clear old data in output buffer (b7)
- Do not abort uaehf.device RDB parsing if drive init or bad block list is set.
- A2386SX 16M+ memory size crash fix.
- Implemented previously empty QEMU byteswap function, fixes 16-bit Cirrus Logic VGA text mode.
- zlib and libpng (used by screenshot function) updated to latest versions.
- Added PC 3.5" HD 21 sectors/track format to PC floppy size autodetection list. (DMF format)
- Renamed GUI Flash RAM file title, it is also used for A2286/A2386SX CMOS RAM.
- Big Aranym JIT merge. 64-bit version JIT supported. Includes big 32-bit JIT changes. May cause breakage. (Frode) PPC support is not (yet) 64-bit compatible.

Beta 12:


- Boolean config true value converts to 1 and false to zero before doing any calculations. someboolentry=[1-someboolentry] custom event string now works as expected.
- Bridgeboard in VGA graphics mode only updated part of display (and sometimes nothing was updated).
- ESP (53C94, FAS216 etc..) SCSI updates to support Multi Evolution (Needs FIFO used count and does odd things)
- Multi Evolution 500/2000 SCSI controller emulation added.
- XT bridgeboard timer gate 2 pin was not hooked up in DOSBox CPU mode. ("Timer2 control function failed")
- Removed RTC status bit hack, PIC_TickIndex() works now. ("The Real Time Clock has not been initialized")
- Delay bridgeboard emulated MDA/CGA VRAM write interrupts until next vblank to reduce number of interrupts. (Real hardware may or may not do same)
- Initialize bridgeboard add-on IDE controllers after Z2 boards (was after Z3 which prevents them to initialize if used KS ROM does not support Z3 boards and at least one Z3 board was enabled).
- Adjusted MDA/CGA emulation mode hsync/vsync reporting, some programs had really slow screen updates.

Multi Evolution 500/2000:
- Not autoconfig but has boot ROM at $f00000 region. (Autoconfig is only for RAM expansion)
- Boots also under KS 1.2. (Boot ROM does some ugly system patches)
- Long word wide fake DMA.
- Boot image that also shows SCSI detection diagnostics messages.
- At least v3.0 ROM version driver does odd things, it sends MESSAGE ACCEPTED command first, then it reads the message byte.

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