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Post subject: Emu28 v1.29  PostPosted: Jun 16, 2015 - 11:15 AM
AEP Team Member

Joined: Dec 25, 2008
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Emu28 ist ein HP-18C und HP-28C Taschenrechner Emulator für Windows.

Emu28 is a HP-18C and HP-28C calculator Emulator for Windows.

Emu28 v1.29

- bugfix in function OnContextMenu(), when the context menu was
generated from the keyboard it was opened at the wrong position
- bugfix in function Debugger(), use critical section for secure
deletion of the last instruction buffer

- changed function CreateMainBitmap(), removed unreferenced variable
in release mode
- changed function ResizeWindow(), optimized implementation now
works independent from window style and menu bar setting

- added global variable dwTColor and dwTColorTol for the background
transparency color matching
- added global variable hRgn to hold a region resource handle for
a transparent background bitmap
- added global variables bTitleBar, bShowTitle, bShowMenu and
- added Critical Section initialization
- added function UpdateWindowBars(), helper function to update state
of title and menu bar
- changed function SettingsProc(), added "Show Title" and
"Show Menu" checkbox handling
- changed function OnPaint(), added UpdateWindowBars() call
- changed function OnInitMenu(), added MRU list update
- added function OnContextMenu(), context menu implementation
- added function OnNcHitTest(), when no title bar check if mouse
position is in client not over a button area
- changed function MainWndProc(), minor change in WM_PALETTECHANGED
implementation and added WM_CONTEXTMENU, WM_NCRBUTTONUP and
WM_NCHITTEST message handler
- changed function WinMain(), changed method of memory leak
detection by adding _CrtSetDbgFlag() at begin and removing
_CrtDumpMemoryLeaks() at end of program

- added window styles definition
- changed function prototypes
- extern declaration of global variables and function

- changed IDD_SETTINGS, added "Show Title" and "Show Menu" checkbox
- added menu IDM_MENU
- changed version and copyright

- bugfix in function SaveInstrAddr(), added critical section to be
sure that last instruction buffer is still available

- defined abs() and labs() as intrinsic
- changed function DecodeGif(), changed function prototype by adding
an argument overwritten by the transparent color if found
- changed function LoadBitmapFile(), adjusted to new prototype of
function DecodeGif()
- added function AbsColorCmp() and LabColorCmp(), compare colors
with tolerance
- added function CreateRgnFromBitmap(), create opaque bitmap region

- added keyword "SysItem" to pLexToken[] table
- changed function InitGlobal(), added implementation of keyword
- changed function RunLine(), added implementation of keyword
- changed function KillKML(), added reset of variables hRgn,
dwTColor and dwTColorTol
- added function MouseIsButton() to check if mouse over button area
- changed function MouseMovesTo(), changed _ASSERT implementation to
make sure that class cursor is NULL and use function
MouseIsButton() to select cursor type now

- added TOK_SYSITEM definition
- changed structure KmlToken, replaced TCHAR array szName[20] with
LPCTSTR szName pointer
- added MouseIsButton() function prototype

- changed all function argument types from INT to UINT
- removed global variables hMruMenu and nMruPos
- removed all update menu calls in this module and made functions
robust against non initialized MRU list and ID index out of range
- changed function GetMenuPosForId(), changed function prototype so
the resulting menu handle and menu position aren´t global
variables any more
- changed function MruInit(), changed return value from FALSE to
TRUE for success and changed implementation like used in the PPC
emulator variants
- changed function MruUpdateMenu(), changed function prototype by
adding the HMENU argument for updating the selected menu and added
initialization prior done in function MruInit()
- changed function MruWriteList(), if there are no entries don´t
write the "FileCount" setting any more

- added GCLP_HCURSOR, SetClassLongPtr, GetClassLongPtr and ULONG_PTR
definitions for MSVC6.0 SDK and earlier

- added definitions

- changed function ReadSettings() and WriteSettings(), added item
"ShowTitle", "ShowMenu" and "ClientWinMove" in section [Emulator]
in the INI-File

- bugfix in function DestroyWaveThread(), the WM_QUIT message may
failed and so the sound message thread wasn´t shut down
- changed function SoundOpen(), added additional check if the sound
device support the necessary audio format

- changed function RplLoadTable(), made optimizations and added
integrity checks

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