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Author Message
Post subject: Hatari v1.6.2  PostPosted: Jun 25, 2012 - 03:37 PM
AEP Team Member

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Der Atari ST Emulator für Unix/Linux, RiscOS, BSD, BeOS, Nokia N770 / N800 internet tablet, Solaris, AmigaOS, Mac OS X und Windows Hatari ist in einer neuen Version erschienen.

A new version of the Atari ST emulator for Unix/Linux, RiscOS, BSD, BeOS, Nokia N770 / N800 internet tablet, Solaris, AmigaOS, Mac OS X and Windows Hatari has been released.


Version 1.6.2 (2012-06-24):

- ST video changes :
- Fixes a rare potential crash when running in color mode and switching
to monochrome mode for more than one VBL (eg : protection code used
in The European Demos and The Transbeauce II Demo)
- add more timings for the 224 bytes overscan detection on STE
- Correct write timing for BCHG/BCLR/BSET when removing borders
- Fix to top/bottom border removal in a rare case
- IKBD/ACIA changes :
- Handle commands 0x12 and 0x14 sent during the IKBD reset
(enable both mouse and joystick reporting at the same time)
- Handle the TX IRQ in the ACIA (bits CR6+CR5=0x01)
- Implemented IKBD set-clock function
- Sound changes :
- Improve YM2149 sound filtering to be closer to a real STF
- Increase output volume for STE DMA sound (compared to the YM2149´s volume)
- DSP changes :
- Fix to DSP stack overflow handling
- Fix DSP to be reset on emulation reset
- Old UAE core specific changes :
- Changes in the prefetch code for some instructions
- Correct PC in stack when JMP generates an illegal address exception
- WinUAE core specific changes :
- 68040 MMU emulation fixes
- Fix GEMDOS/VDI emulation (illegal opcode) handling
- Fix WinUAE core to work with ST emulation (boot TOS 1.x)
- Fix FPU to be enabled when switching to TT emulation
- Fixes to FPU register value conversion
- Falcon changes :
- Support for Falcon/Videl screen borders
- Fixes to few Falcon IO registers
- Changed behavior of the Microwire registers in Falcon mode
- Misc changes :
- Ignore FDC commands when no drive is selected
- Fix TT SCSI register reads to return all bits zero instead of set
- Fix for GEMDOS HD emu to direct special CON:/AUX:/PRN: device files
to TOS instead of trying to handle them as normal files
- printer output is single, not double buffered

- RS232 input&output and printer output can be disabled from command
line by specifying an empty path
- Fix loading of memory snapshot from SDL GUI not to leave host cursor
- Video changes:
- Increase max allowed VDI resolution from 1280x960 to 1920x1200
- Revert preferred Videl resolution max zooming size setting from
host desktop resolution back to 832x576 it was in Hatari v1.4,
so that Falcon/TT emulation window sizes by default are closer
to ST/STE ones on larger resolution monitors
- Fix statusbar assert
- Add --sound-sync option to keep video synchronized with the audio
in case the OS audio´s driver has some latency issues
- WinUAE core specific changes:
- Default to Falcon with WinUAE core (old CPU core still defaults to ST)
- Support run-time changing of CPU level, FPU type and machine type
from the GUI (also) with WinUAE CPU core
- Debugging improvements:
- Fix to debugger CPU cycle profiling modifying CPU state
- Profiling info is shown at end of disassembly lines
- Support for tracing all symbols loaded to the debugger,
this can be used to get function traces for both CPU and DSP
- Show args for all Bios and most XBios & Gemdos calls when tracing
- "info" command can output opcode tables for BIOS & XBIOS too
- More info to FDC, IKBD, Videl and Crossbar traces

Other changes:
- Hatari OSX UI updated for Hatari v1.6.1 changes
- Hatari Python UI supports file paths with spaces in them and spaces in
Hatari options given through its control socket can be quoted with ´´.
- Support for alpha-numeric characters in Hconsole "text" command
- Fixes to Hatari UI and hconsole error handling and examples
- Fixed hatari-local-midi-ring.sh & hatari-local-rs232.sh arg handling
- zip2st removes intermediate directories from created floppy
- Fixed hmsa to handle files with multiple "." characters in their names
- TOS tester testing covers more GEMDOS functionality, works with
all Hatari supported TOS versions and HW configurations and it´s
fully automated

Fixed Games :
Hammerfist (fire button),
Automation 168 - Operation Clean Streets (prefetch in the CPU emulation)
Impossible Mission II (some versions had the same prefetch issue in the CPU)
Hades Nebula (fire button)
Zombi (IKBD set-clock was missing)

Fixed demos :
Built-in Obsolescence (DSP stack overflow)
Japtro and Rising Force by Holocaust (FDC, buggy loader)
Delirious Demos IV (video, STE detection)
Antiques by Dune/Sector One (224 bytes STE overscan)
The Wave Of the Future by ICE (STE flickering top border)
Electrocution I by Sphere on Stax Menu 66 (STE flickering bottom border)
Musical Wonders 1990 by Offbeat (video, bottom border not removed)

Related links:
[ Atari ST Emus ][ Ataris Geschichte ]

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