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Post subject: Japan: XM6i v0.22  PostPosted: Feb 02, 2011 - 09:15 AM
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XM6i ist eine inoffizielle Weiterentwicklung des Sharp X68000/X68030 Emulator XM6 für Windows, basierend auf der Version 2.05.

XM6i is an unofficial further development of the Sharp X68000/X68030 Emulator XM6 for Windows, based on version 2.05.

Machine translation
0.22 (2011/02/01)
  • Menu "Tools > Keyboard Software" as original implement almost. Fixed some bugs in the original version of the mark.
  • Menu "Tools > Nereid Save memory bank" implementation.
  • -L to be able to save the log file.
  • Change to start the virtual machine before logging mechanism.
  • X68030 Configuration Editor and open the file and memory 4MB fixed mode settings had gone back.
  • It´s corrected that a check didn´t stick to the menu "floppy disk > writing in protection".
  • EXPERT mode from the Pluto-X is specified to ignore SCSI boot.
  • Fixed SRAM Windows version has been created as read-only files.
  • With no files to write to SRAM, if the file is changed to a different stop error.
  • Enhanced error checking ROM file are different file or no change.
  • IPLROM30.DAT, ROM30.DAT additional validity check.
  • ROM30.DAT give incorrect change to the dialog.
  • added SVN revision to version dialog.

  • The 68030 BFCHG, BFCLR, BFSET, BFTST, BFEXTS, BFEXTU modify the behavior of instruction. Bytes required to access only.
  • Fixed wrong value to return misaligned physical reads 68030 words.
  • Longword to implement the physical data space 68 030. The main memory and ROM devices support a longword.
  • It corresponds to the mistake aligned access which straddles a logic page boundary at 68030 MMU on.
  • It corresponds to the mistake aligned longword access which straddles a device boundary with 68000.
  • 68030 SSW improved exception frame.

  • FC0000 ~ $ FDFFFF supervisor in the state were correct and incorrect writing to quit.
  • System ports ($ E8E00D) Fixed XM6i by working version of the acquisition.
  • Debugger, fix the width of the visibility of 32-bit field instructions.
  • Debugger, the brackets {} indicate a bit field corrected.
  • By default (vm / scc.cpp excluded) the whole build-O2.
  • Starscream discontinued support.
  • wxMSW: try to read the properties of executable files.
  • wxGTK: [SHIFT ]+[;] in [+] to be able to enter.

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