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Post subject: D2X-XL v1.15.124  PostPosted: Jan 28, 2011 - 09:41 AM
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D2X-XL ist ein OpenGL-Port von Descent II. Zu den unterstützten Platformen zählen Linux, Mac OS X und Windows.

D2X-XL is an OpenGL-port of Descent II. Supported platforms are Linux, Mac OS X and Windows.

Fixed: Level areas not explored by the player, but seen by the Guidebot were shown in the automap when the cockpit´s Guidebot view was turned on
Fixed: Video sound was distorted
Changed: Re-introduced the "-enable_freecam" command line switch allowing to turn off the free cam
Fixed: Energy centers didn´t refuel player ships to their capacity depending on ship type, but always to 100
Fixed: The fullmap powerup was removed from players when entering a new level even if it was specified as built-in equipment
Fixed: When a player with a local port different from the server port became the game host, other players couldn´t reconnect to his game after having disconnected
Fixed: Damage lightning wasn´t deleted from the system in all cases causing lightning handling to process more and more lightning, causing laggy gameplay
Changed: The amount of damage lightning on an object has been decreased to avoid overburdening the game with their management on weaker systems
Fixed: The program could crash when operating an exit trigger via a master trigger
Fixed: When the game host disconnected in a UDP tracker game and another player subsequently became game host, the game became invisible on the tracker
Fixed: When the game host disconnected in a UDP tracker game and another player subsequently became game host, players that disconnected couldn´t reconnect
Fixed: Player shield status wasn´t always properly reported to other players in multiplayer games
Fixed: Thruster flames of other players often weren´t properly rendered in multiplayer games
Fixed: Players could pick up weapons in multiplayer games they were already carrying
Fixed: Cameras weren´t always properly rendered on older NVidia hardware
Fixed: In non-expert mode, stereoscopic rendering didn´t always work
Fixed: Complex polygon models of energy weapons weren´t completely rendered (e.g. fusion blobs from Pumo´s Descent weapon mod)
Improved: Multiplayer level transition handling has been improved to avoid players having to wait in the score screen forever
Fixed: Data packets containing information about powerups dropped by destroyed robots weren´t properly processed in UDP based games
Fixed: Not all players could enter the next level in coop games after a level had been destroyed and the players had gathered in the score display
Fixed: Players sometimes couldn´t move in multiplayer games
Fixed: Stuck robots exploded right away instead of trying to free themselves
Fixed: Bossed in Descent 1 levels often self-destructed for no apparent reason when trying to find or destroy the player
Fixed: Transparent objects (like e.g. the modded laser bolts in Pumo Mines) weren´t always rendered anymore
Fixed: Some network data wasn´t properly processed by a new client connecting to a game host which could cause inconsistencies between host and player game states
Fixed: Headlights didn´t always work right in multiplayer
Fixed: Player name and ´typing´ message weren´t centered on player ships in multiplayer games
Fixed: The game host only sent information about its current ship state (ship type, weapons, damage) when the hosting player first fired a weapon, equipped a another weapon or selected a different ship
Fixed: Player ship data was corrupted after loading a multiplayer save game
Fixed: Fixed: You couldn´t separately set soft blending for smoke, sprites and sparks as expert user and with highest render quality set
Changed: Previously, for gun shots coming in groups (like lasers), only one shot produced an impact sound. Now, each separate shot will produce on (can cause sound to build up)
Fixed: At highest render quality, no particle fx, light trails, coronas or 2D gun shots (sprites) were visible
Fixed: Transparent parts of hires models will now be rendered properly
Fixed: The automap wasn´t rendered properly anymore
Improved: Hires ship headlight beams will now be blurred when glow is enabled
Fixed: The program crashed when trying to load MetalBeast´s Wolf Beta 1

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