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Post subject: Spectrum: Jspeccy v0.88  PostPosted: Jan 06, 2011 - 12:22 PM
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Die Version 0.88 des Spectrum Emulators Jspeccy wurde veröffentlicht.

Jspeccy v0.88 has been released.


* 06/01/2011: Finally another update JSpeccy!. Although my intention was to start last September to look at the disk controller emulation of +3, various personal issues prevented me. And when I least expected to get my hands on a new set of guys Retroworks, the excellent Genesis: dawn of a new day. When you load the game something not block me. That tone begins with the intro music is a tad strange. Try another emulator and, indeed, something that I thought it was already surpassed as is the sound chip emulation is a problem. Anyone who has ever developed and know what comes next: p´arriba code, code p´abajo. Well, I like it I do not see anything. Days of hitting around the bush, debugging to see what the hell does the game with the AY that makes my emulation is not up to it. Sigueron days of perplexity, not knowing what to do nor where to throw or watch. Changes a little tun-tun to try to jump the hare. In one of those changes hunted the hare ... or so I thought. That would be around November. Since then many hours of work, testing, research and coding have been changes to some other parts of the code, as that is the audio frames or emulating the beeper. In short, not to bore the new features are:

Emulation chip or sound improved AY-3-8912. This includes the possibility of selecting the configuration dialog sound quality, among normal quality (default) and high quality. The default quality is good enough and requires less CPU, so it is thought of more modest computers. The high quality equivalent to having the emulator in earlier versions, but with improvements that allow not only hear well Retroworks game, but also digitized voices of the principle of departure and return to the menu of Robocop. Should delete the configuration file is created again with the option of sound quality.
or Fixed a bug in the emulation of white noise AY
pager or filtering to improve the sound by removing extraneous effects.
o Improving the processing of audio frames to avoid excessive flushes buffer damaged the sound, especially in more modest computers that only have one CPU.
has been amended or treatment of certain parts of the keyboard. The key is emulating May Caps-Shift and Alt-Shift to Symbol. Control keys now emulate the joystick fire button, instead of the Delete key as before. The change was necessary, among other things, because the MacOS-X users have the Delete function as a combination of keys. In general, users of MacOS-X should use a Look & Feel different than it takes by default the Java virtual machine on a Mac, because the dialog box for opening files on Mac does not carry the text field that allows you to type the name of file and, without this functionality can not create a new tape.
o Interface II ROMs are emulated mode also 128k / +2
or Fixed a bug that affected the model´s default selection +2 A. Thanks to Andrew Owen for reporting this error.

I can not finish this update without thanking Vaporatorius, once again, the invaluable and patient help I have given him and his ears are obviously better than mine. AY emulation would not be decent without your help as beta testers. I owe you a bottle of Chivas. Wink
Oh, and Happy Three Kings Day everyone. :)

* 22/09/2010: This "small" update of the emulator does not incorporate such a long list of new features as usual, but no less important:

or implements a feature requested by many users, a list of recently opened files. Saves the last 5 files used. If the file is a snapshot when selected, is loaded directly. If this is a tape file is loaded into the virtual player, but is not an Autoplay. It also saved the last directory snapshots and tape burden by default. To implement this functionality has been expanded configuration file and have to delete the existing configuration file before running the new version of JSpeccy (JSpeccy.xml).
AudioBox Fuller or emulation, including the joystick interface.
o In the Media menu option has been added to load ROM´s of Interface II 16k/48k models. Actually can upload any alternative ROM that you have 16k in size.
or has been incorporated the ability to record snapshots SZX format. The format was developed by Jonathan Needle SZX for Spectaculator emulator and has since been improved with the help of other developers such as Philip Kendall, author of Fuse. This format is much more modern than the classic Z80, SNA and other well-documented and already has support in the main emulators. Compresses data more efficiently than the Z80 format through the use of the Zlib library and is the only format that can record things like the ROM of IF2, the state and the Multiface RAM, embed or link the tape used (TAP / TZX ) in the snapshot and has also been extended to record the state and the color palette used by ULAplus. In short, is the snapshot format century. We must thank Jonathan Needle to document how well the format and leave it in your web available to everyone. Johnatan Thanks!.

* 14/09/2010: After two weeks of more or less continuous (for what is usual), I´ve implemented some features that were pending for some time, namely:

or emulation of the Spectrum 16k and the inclusion of the option +3. For the moment, is exactly equal to +3 +2 A because JSpeccy still emulates the floppy disk driver, but everything will come ... Wink
or emulation of the Multiface 1 / 128 / +3, choosing in the case of 48k if you want to emulate the MF1 or MF128. I acknowledge the great assistance provided by The Woodstar, without which the Multiface emulation would be much worse (in the case of MF3, or even exist). Thanks again, Woodstar!.
o Support for tape recording formats TAP / TZX instantly if the program uses routines ROM recording. For if not in use, can record TZX formats using sampling MIC port of 22050 or 44100 Hz Hz in the tests I´ve done plenty to 22050 Hz and the file generated is half the size. I have not tested with routine high-speed recording, but I guess that also serve the 22050 Hz tapes menu has expanded to the options to insert a new tape, empty, start recording in polling mode and stop the recording.
o In the File menu is now an option to save the image on the screen SCR, or PNG formats, which includes the border. If the program is running using ULAplus support, the SCR included in the last 64 bytes palette of colors used at that time as it is described on page 64 ZX Spectrum Colour Mode
o In the Options menu is now an option called Settings that gives access to a dialog to set all the options of the emulator, and that can be stored in a file called JSpeccy.xml. If the file does not exist, start the emulator to create one in the directory where you installed JSpeccy. Some of these options are used as default settings (mainly the Spectrum model choice and model of joystick).
or The red button on the toolbar has a more logical functionality (in fact, was what he had intended from the beginning.) Now, instead of quitting the emulator, can do a full reset of the Spectrum (closest thing to unplug the power and reconnecting). This option restores the default settings Spectrum model and Joystick.
o From the settings dialog you can select the way you listen to the sound of AY-3-8912, eligible between Mono (phonetic) and 3 modes of stereo mixes ABC, ACB and BAC (left-center-right). It should be noted that in the case of pseudo-stereo mode (which is what they really are), the amount of data being sent to the sound card is exactly twice that in mono mode, data to be account by veteran users machines. When you change the sound mode is necessary to disable / enable the sound or make a new Spectrum model selection.
or quick load tapes (not loading, it was that fast) is now all quick to give in if the JVM on the machine for each user. In the machines I´ve tested 1000% between the slowest and old and nearly 4000% in the newest.
And a last change or IMPORTANT. JSpeccy need a version of Java that is at least 6.0. The reason for the change is to use JAXB 2.0 support for reading and saving the settings in the XML file and Java 6 has included the necessary libraries, while for Java 5 must be added separately JAXB libraries which would make, or While JSpeccy jar would be much larger or would have to put instructions on how to use them with the emulator. Therefore, the benefit of ease of use, I preferred to use Java 6. I hope this does not cause additional problems for some users.
o As usual also includes many bug fixes in various places, including loading from tape. I hope I have nothing worse. : D

And now, for the FDC .... ;)

* 01/09/2010: After an evening of hacking, I have implemented what was needed to emulate +2 A. It works, although it remains to prove the treatment of all RAM modes, but programs that use the +2 A like a 128k, are executed without additional problems. The main test programs and demos correctly detected +2 A and look good, although I hate to say, emulation is not perfect. By the way, I have solved some problems in the catalog of tapes and I implemented the load TZX block Instant normal speed. At the suggestion of a user, it is now possible to open from the Open Image button ... format files TAP and TZX, not having to go deliberately to the menu Cintas.

* 31/08/2010: as always you make public something, you find fault within 10 minutes. I made an updated version of the emulator, to solve some problems in implementing the ULAplus. By the way, I optimized the drawing routine of the border (another update tomorrow that will solve anything related to the edge, Murphy dixit). And thanks to the kind assistance of Andrew Owen, JSpeccy already have an application icon and has given me yet another more realistic picture of the keyboard.

* 30/08/2010: "we already thought - look!, Other emulator forgotten ...-?
It is going to be no. Very Happy
It has cost a lot, a whole semester at the time, but now. The version I am available to take the test like so many new features that I hope will not forget any. Here goes:

or emulation of Spectrum 128k / +2 (pixel-perfect, as usual).
or sound chip emulation AY-3-8912.
Joysticks or selectable emulation Kempston, Sinclair 1 / 2 and Cursor / AGF / Protek. If you do not select any, the arrow keys Spectrum emulate cursors, so that the BASIC program editing more convenient.
snapshots or recording formats 128k SNA model.
or load / save snapshots Z80 version 3 format.
or 48K Spectrum Emulation Issue 2, if the head of the advice Z80.
catalog tapes or TAP / TZX, tracking playback (goes for you, vaporatorius). Thanks to this support has also been possible to add the proper behavior to a Block in the TZX JUMP.
o Now there is a mute button and a different implementation to x10 speed.
or routines have been rewritten to treat me and the screen edge. The border is now more accurate than before, and redraws only if absolutely necessary. The screen redraws only the modified part.
o Fixed a bug in the processing of the instructions LD SP, IX / IY.
o Pause key on the keyboard, now also for emulation.
o If a tape is inserted, by placing the cursor over the icon of the tape will get a tooltip with the name of the downloaded file.
or As if all this were not enough, ULAplus emulation to enjoy the games landmarks in all its glory graph.

And do not slacken, that soon there will be more updates, sure .... :)

* 30/04/2010: at the request of Chevron have implemented the stored images (snapshots) in SNA formats.

* 19/04/2010: Pascuero after the holidays I had to pursue a little Martian error prevented the emulator´s timing pass tests of Richard Butler. The error is corrected though, if you try to check, 36 and 37 tests are failing because there is no way off the Kempston joystick emulation. It was difficult for a program falls upon the problem, but what is evil, evil is. Incidentally, I also corrected an error in the quick loading TAP files.

* 04/04/2010: this is a minor revision of the emulator that fixes some things that had been left pending, as a successful update (from the point of view of Java Swing) label and icon speed up tape / stop position when doubling the size of the emulator window. The help window with the image of the Spectrum keyboard is now not a JFrame JDialog, which does not create a new entry in the taskbar. It also fixes a small error in the NMI handling routine in the Z80 core.

* 01/04/2010: I made some small modifications to the Z80 core to optimize it a bit and gain some speed (nothing spectacular, second). To test the NMI´s manager adds the option to launch a machine from the menu.

* 28/03/2010: Fixed a problem with interruciones Z80 core and the HALT instruction. Thank you for informing Woodstar mistake and give me a test program that showed. Woodstar Thanks!.

* 26/03/2010: Fixed (hopefully) the problem of sound when using the Solaris operating system drivers. The amendments would affect, for better, the sound on the other platforms. Added a modified, harmless to Unix-based systems, but improves the accuracy of the measurement of time in Windows. In a XP-SP2 I´ve tried, it shows.

* 24/03/2010: implemented support blocks in the TZX Direct Recording. Woodstar Thanks!. Added a dialog box to display the program version. Sources are updated and properly include missing files to import the project in NetBeans. Updated the instructions page.

* 20/03/2010: Fixed a problem, especially in certain machines with Windows, causing flickering and strange display effects. Thanks Pegaz by your Collaboration!.

* 19/03/2010: Fixed a bug in the SNA file upload that caused, in some cases, after loading the image, the keyboard does not respond. Thanks Arjun!. It also corrects the M1 state in response to an interruption in IM0 mode, which lasts 7 states and 6. The error is induced by the information in the FAQ of WoS is probably incorrect. Also update the sources.

* 18/03/2010: Andrew Owen has had the dubious honor to inaugurate the error report. The display was not updated after a quick load TAP. Thanks Owen!. It updates the jar, but not the source (is a correction of a single line).

* 17/03/2010: Publication of project speccy.org

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