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Post subject: Frontends: blueMSX Launcher v1.6  PostPosted: Jun 21, 2009 - 04:45 PM
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blueMSX Launcher ist ein Frontend für den MSX Emulator blueMSX.

blueMSX Launcher is a frontend for the MSX emulator blueMSX.

blueMSX Launcher v1.6

New features are :
- Added a new tool to rename rom, disk and tape files to 8.3 format, launcher or blueMSX database name
- Added right-click menu with options to move selection to a different database and show properties
- Expanded SHA1 calculator tool to be a tool for finding games and applications in launcher or blueMSX databases by SHA1 code
- Added ability to filter database by ROM, Disk, Tape or Hard Disk
- Added ability to make multiple selections in the current database to perform operations
- Added ability to create a new empty database quickly
- Added ability to set machine for all or some of the entries in a database

blueMSX Launcher v1.5

New features are :
- Added support for screenshots
- Added database manager to tools and moved ´create database´ functionality to it
- Allowed empty database to be created in ´create database´ functionality without specifying directories
- Added option to display command line output before launching blueMSX

blueMSX Launcher v1.4

New features are :
- Added support for Sunrise IDE and Hard Disks
- Added support for special rom type in slots 1 and 2 (to be used with disks that use SCC for example)
- Added tools menu and SHA1 calculator

blueMSX Launcher v1.3

New features are :
- Added support for the new blueMSX database format (use of SHA1 code instead of CRC)

blueMSX Launcher v1.2

New features are :
- you can create more than 2 databases
- you can drag and drop a new file to an existing database
NOTE: blueMSX Launcher is currently not supported under blueMSXv2.2, due to the change in database structure.

blueMSX Launcher v1.1

Our friend Sam has made a great work :
- scanning of all disks to create the databases with, eventually, displaying of the names used by the blueMSX database
- brilliant user manual

blueMSX Launcher v1.0

This program enables blueMSX version 2.0 users to start games by their name rather than by their Rom, Disk or Tape image name. It allows users to create a database of MSX games and programs located on their hard drive.

The program includes support for:
1- Rom, Disk and Tape Images.
2- Rom, Disk and Tape image file names in ZIP files.
3- Two databases, one for MSX Games and the other for MSX Programs.
4- Option to specify info file or Web Address for the game or program viewable by Internet Explorer.
5- Option to start blueMSX in full screen mode.
6- Starting with specific theme

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