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Post subject: PS2: PCSX2 1.4.0  PostPosted: Jan 08, 2016 - 05:00 PM

Joined: Jun 19, 2008
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Version 1.4.0 des Sony Playstation 2 - Emulators "PCSX2" wurde veröffentlicht. Größte Neuerung ist ein OpenGL-Backend im GPU-Plugin GSdx. Einen Ausführlichen Bericht gibt es hier: http://pcsx2.net/273-1-4-0-release-end-2015-report.html

A new version of the Playstation 2 Emulator PCSX2 has been released and an extensive report has been written: http://pcsx2.net/273-1-4-0-release-end-2015-report.html

http://pcsx2.net/273-1-4-0-release-end-2015-report.html Hello PCSX2 followers and a belated Happy New Year! After being late a couple of days (it's a tradition and we can't break it Razz ), we present you with a new stable release, version 1.4.0! Grab it HERE Along with the release comes our year end report for 2015. The following progress report will provide an overview of all the notable changes from the previous stable version, 1.2.1, to this update. Keep in mind many of the changes have been mentioned in previous progress reports, but are mentioned again as a changelog for 1.4.0. The changes since 1.2.1 are so many, some smaller, some quite massive, that it was impossible to write about all of them, but we believe we have nailed all the highlights! This release is special for our growing Linux user base. You will be treated with a shiny new GSdx OpenGL backend, for a massive speed and compatibility boost over 1.2.1 and much more, all thanks to the efforts of Gregory and various contributors! Generally, this release includes work from many more contributors than any previous versions. It appears that switching to Git as our version control system helped invite more developers and encourages sharing even small patches and additions. So without further ado, here is the report!
  • Core
  • GSDX
    • [Bug-Fix] Programmable blending to reproduce GS blending unit output by Gregory
    • [Bug-Fix] Improved CRTC output size handling by ssakash and .r5
    • [Bug-Fix] Software renderer improvements by Gabest and Gregory
    • [Bug-Fix] Accurate destination alpha testing by Gregory
    • [Bug-Fix] Improved read of depth / color by Gregory
  • SPU2-X
    • [New Feature] Per channel volume adjustment by gigaherz
    • [Bug-Fix] Time Stretcher: Improvements to tempo adjustments by Avih
  • GUI
    • [Enhancement] Configurable template on GSFrame titlebar by Avih
    • [Enhancement] Revamped Core and GSDX plugin dialogs by Turtleli , Gregory and ssakash  

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