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Post subject: Zega Alpha v3.2  PostPosted: Dec 26, 2012 - 03:03 PM
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Zega Alpha ist der neue Name von vbsms+, einer Weiterentwickling des Sega MasterSystem/GameGear Emulator vbsms.

Zega Alpha is the new name of vbsms+, an enhanced version version of the Sega MasterSystem/GameGear emulator.

Zega Alpha 3.2 (12/25/12)

  • Added support for SMS ´Alex Kidd BMX Trial´ (Paddle Control)
  • Added support for SMS ´Blade Eagle´ beta (disable 3D)
  • Added support for SMS ´Galactic Protector´ (Paddle Control)
  • Added support for SMS ´Megumi Rescue´ (Paddle Control)
  • Added support for SMS ´Woody Pop - Shinjinrui no Block Kuzushi´ (Paddle Control)
  • Added support for GG ´Pop Breaker´ (GG initialization fix)
  • Added support for GG ´Spider-Man - Return of the Sinister Six´ (copied SMS hack)
  • Updated SMS region detection to be more accurate and optimized

  • Removed sprite limit option in favor of flicker disabled by default

  • Updated disable audio option to skip PSG core entirely
  • Removed audio sample rate option

  • Added preliminary support for SMS Paddle Control to Control 1
  • Added separate rapid fire keys and buttons
  • Added SMS Pause button for Control 2
  • Added missing controller code in defaults for Configure Input window
  • Updated SMS Pause and GG Start to be a single shared button
  • Updated rapid fire code to be as fast as possible
  • Updated input related source code to be much more simple
  • Removed SMS Control 2 input in GG mode

  • Added recent games submenu
  • Added fix to disable screen saver and stop monitor from turning off
  • Added automatic window size option
  • Updated UI to closer resemble newer Windows programs and FB Alpha
  • Updated Pro Action Replay window to be more user-friendly
  • Updated close button to first unload game
  • Updated Configure Input window text to be more obvious
  • Updated Memory Editor´s font so it looks proper on 64-bit Windows now
  • Removed scaling bug in full screen mode
  • Removed full screen resolution change code for when no actual change
  • Removed full screen configuration window in favor of menu system
  • Removed bookmarks from Memory Editor window for simpler layout

  • Updated project to compile favoring more recent processors

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