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Author Message
Post subject: VCMI Project - Heroes 3: WoG recreated v0.75  PostPosted: Dec 07, 2009 - 12:57 PM
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VMCI ist ein freies Remake des Klassikers Heroes of Might and Magic 3 WoG.

VMCI is a free implementation of the Heroes of Might and Magic 3 WoG engine.

0.74 -> 0.75 (Dec 01 2009)
* Implemented "main menu" in-game option.
* Hide the mouse cursor while displaying a popup window.
* Better handling of huge and empty message boxes (still needs more changes)
* Fixed several crashes when exiting.

* Movement cursor shown for unguarded enemy towns.
* Battle cursor shown for guarded enemy garrisons.
* Clicking on the border no longer opens an empty info windows

* Improved artifact moving. Available slots are higlighted. Moved artifact is bound to mouse cursor.

* new special town structures supported:
- Academy of Battle Scholars
- Cage of Warlords
- Mana Vortex
- Stables
- Skyship (revealing entire map only)

* External dwellings increase town growth
* Right-click info window for castles and garrisons you do not own shows a rough amount of creatures instead of none
* Scholar won´t give unavaliable spells anymore.

A lot of of various bugfixes and improvements:

0.73 -> 0.74 (Oct 01 2009)
* Scenario Information window
* Save Game window
* VCMI window should start centered
* support for Necromancy and Ballistics secondary skills
* new artifacts supported, including those improving Necromancy, Legion Statue parts, Shackles of War and most of combination artifacts (but not combining)
* Ellipsis won´t be split when breaking text on several lines
* split button will be grayed out when no creature is selected
* fixed issue when splitting stack to the hero with only one creatures
* a few fixes for shipyard window

* Cursor shows if tile is accesible and how many turns away
* moving hero with arrow keys / numpad
* fixed Next Hero button behaviour
* fixed Surface/Underground switch button in higher resolutions

* partial siege support
* new stack queue for higher resolutions (graphics made by Dru, thx!)
* ´Q´ pressing toggles the stack queue displaying (so it can be enabled/disabled it with single key press)
* more creatures special abilities supported
* battle settings will be stored
* fixed crashes occuring on attacking two hex creatures from back
* fixed crash when clicking on enemy stack without moving mouse just after receiving action
* even large stack numbers will fit the boxes
* when active stack is killed by spell, game behaves properly
* shooters attacking twice (like Grand Elves) won´t attack twice in melee
* ballista can shoot even if there´s an enemy creature next to it
* improved obstacles placement, so they´ll better fit hexes (thx to Ivan!)
* selecting attack directions works as in H3
* estimating damage that will be dealt while choosing stack to be attacked
* modified the positioning of battle effects, they should look about right now.
* after selecting a spell during combat, l-click is locked for any action other than casting.
* flying creatures will be blitted over all other creatures, obstacles and wall
* obstacles and units should be printed in better order (not tested)
* fixed armageddon animation
* new spells supported:
- Anti-Magic
- Cure
- Resurrection
- Animate Dead
- Counterstrike
- Berserk
- Hypnotize
- Blind
- Fire Elemental
- Earth Elemental
- Water Elemental
- Air Elemental
- Remove obstacle

* enemy castle can be taken over
* only one capitol per player allowed (additional ones will be lost)
* garrisoned hero can buy a spellbook
* heroes available in tavern sould be always different
* ship bought in town will be correctly placed
* new special town structures supported:
- Lookout Tower
- Temple of Valhalla
- Wall of Knowledge
- Order of Fire

* war machines cannot be unequiped

* sorting: a second click on the column header sorts in descending order.
* advanced options tab: r-click popups for selected town, hero and bonus
* starting scenario / game by double click
* arrows in options tab are hidden when not available
* subtitles for choosen hero/town/bonus in pregame

* fixed pairing Subterranean Gates
New objects supported:
- Borderguard & Keymaster Tent
- Cartographer
- Creature banks
- Eye of the Magi & Hut of the Magi
- Garrison
- Stables
- Pandora Box
- Pyramid

Related links:
[ Weitere Remakes und VMs ]

Alderaan shot first!

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