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Post subject: PSPKVM v0.5.4 Test 10 (Uploaded Oct. 15, 2009)  PostPosted: Oct 17, 2009 - 10:02 PM
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PSPKVM ist ein Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC/MIDP Emulator für die Sony PSP.

PSPKVM is a Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) CLDC/MIDP Emulator for the Sony PSP.

Multilingual support demonstration captures:

PSPKVM Running Opera Mini:


PSPKVM Test Builds ¶

There are currently a few ´unofficial´ or test builds up, for testing various features.

(Note: these are generally in .tgz format--or gzipped tarballs. Notes on handling these, if you´re new to them, are here.)
Warning: known critical bug in test packages--upgrade to build 10 ¶

There is a known bug in some of the test packages which can cause corruption of your folder store in the AMS. To avoid this bug do not remove marked midlets. After doing this and doing a subsequent ´move´ operation, you will not be able to start your VM.

The bug affects all test packages prior to test build 10 which have the AMS with the folder system and the ´mark´ commands in the menus. Build 10 has the fix for the bug and recovery code allowing you to start again if the store is already corrupted. We strongly suggest you upgrade to this package.

If you have not yet upgraded, and you inadvertently do mark a midlet and then remove it, and haven´t yet performed a move operation, you may still evade this problem by either (a) using the ´Unmark all´ command or (b) just shutting down the AMS. Do not attempt to perform a move before doing so.
0.5.4 Test 10 (Uploaded Oct. 15, 2009) ¶

Changes in this build -- summary ¶

* Bugfix: ´zombie midlet´ bug in which marked, removed midlets would reappear on a subsequent move has been fixed. Loading code has also been modified to allow loading of the folder system in the AMS even after a crash due to this bug. If you got locked out of your VM because of this, using this build will let you back in.

* Bugfix: missing utility/symbols file no longer brings down the VM when opening virtual keyboards using it.

* Bugfix: unused menu items removed from Danzeff board.

Build 10 is otherwise identical to build 9.
0.5.4 Test 9 (Uploaded Oct. 15, 2009) ¶

Changes in this build -- summary ¶

X/O key use can be switched to ´Western´ standard system-wide, virtual keyboard fixes/optimizations.
Changes in this build -- enhancements ¶

* The X/O keys are now fully switchable system-wide, for Western-style accept/cancel use. Use the VM Configuration midlet / Keymap settings menu to set these keys. The settings take effect immediately after you exit the configuration midlet.

Note that for midlets whose keymaps or device settings you´ve customized, you´ll have to set the accept key yourself in the Device Settings screen if you wish them to change too (and if you haven´t changed them already). Set ´Select´ to ´Cross´ and ´Num0´ to ´Circle´ to emulate the default Western layout, in this case. Midlets whose device settings you have not customized will use the default ones, and so will pick up the change without additional tweaking.

Note also that the old com.pspkvm.acceptcross setting for native dialogs is gone. The setting in the VM config midlet will affect these dialogs, the AMS, and the default keymap setting. Set it to ´Western´ to use X=accept, to ´Eastern´ to use O=accept.

* Keystroke handling in the Danzeff board has been tightened for faster response.

* The ´smart display´ feature in the semichordal and Danzeff boards, wherein the board displays move to stay out of your way when you´re typing, has been optimized and streamlined.

* Smart display in the semichordal board now places the small layout correctly.

* The semichordal board´s large display has been greatly reduced in size, and its appearance brought more into line with the Danzeff display. Status display for the live keymap has also been added (Cyrillic/Greek/Roman).

* The Danzeff board now has a status bar which displays selection state.

* The diacritics (accents) deadkey glyphs for the semichordal display have been modified to make them easier to read.

Changes in this build -- bugfixes ¶

* smart display-capable boards now move properly on all key entries.

* the Danzeff board now displays correctly when the system is using the internal font.

* thread shutdown for the Danzeff board´s analog stick monitor has been fixed; threads previously remained around when the board was absent. They now start when the board appears, and exit when the board disappears.

* prevented all virtual boards from crashing constrained fields (numerical, URL, etc.) due to pasting in of text containing constrained characters. Internal interfaces now sift input correctly.

* renamed utility.ttf to utility.sym so people stop assuming they can just delete it.

Notes on upgrading from these packages ¶

If you´re upgrading from a recent test build, and wish to preserve your settings (set in the .ini and the in-GUI config system), do not overwrite the pspkvm.ini and vmsettings.cfg files in your pspkvm directory with those from the package. Your system should run fine, and this will preserve your previous settings.
Note re pspkvm.prx file ¶

Previous test releases inadvertently included a ´pspkvm.prx´ file in the package. If you´ve copied this to your console, it can be removed from the install directory with no ill effects.

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