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Author Message
Post subject: MSX: openMSX v0.7.0  PostPosted: Jan 08, 2009 - 12:53 PM
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Es ist eine neue Version von openMSX erschienen.

A new version of openMSX has been released.

Release Name: 0.7.0

Release Notes for openMSX 0.7.0 (2009-01-07)

This release contains several exciting new features, clearing some long standing
feature requests! The most important one of all is that we have implemented save
states! It took us a while to think of a way to implement it without having some
disadvantages you could have with some other emulators. The biggest one is
backwards compatibility. Our system is designed in such way that it is able to
cope with older save states in future releases. So, you don´t have to be afraid
to upgrade to a new version of openMSX: your save states will remain usable!

Another big feature is the heavily improved keyboard support. In previous
releases it was always a bit of an annoyance to work with emulated MSX machines
which have a different keyboard layout than your host computer. E.g. using an
MSX turboR, which has a Japanese keyboard, on a PC with a US-English keyboard
was very annoying, as the characters that appear on the screen do not match the
ones you typed on your PC keyboard. This problem has now been solved and you can
use any combination of host computer keyboard and emulated MSX machine, without
getting the wrong characters on the MSX screen.

Full transparent dir-as-disk support has also been a long standing feature
request. Well, it´s here! Dir-as-disk now behaves as you might expect: any
change on either the host or the MSX side is reflected on the other side
immediately. This could help a lot for cross-platform development.

Before we give you the list with details, we want to thank hap, the author of
meisei, for helping us out with some of the features below; you might recognize
them from his recent meisei releases.

New or improved emulator features:
- Save states (keyboard short cuts: ALT-F7 or Cmd+R to quick-load and
ALT-F8 or Cmd-S to quick-save your state):
- Exchangeable between different host machines, OSes, platforms
- Designed to be forwards-compatible, i.e. they will work with future openMSX
- As a side effect it is now possible to have multiple emulated MSX machines
in memory (comparable with tabbed browsing)
- Fully automatic host-MSX keyboard mapping (enabled by default), support for
MSX keyboards of type: de, es, fr, gb, int, jp_ansi, jp_jis, kr, proto_fr
(e.g. French Philips VG 8010), proto_int (Philips VG 8010), ru
- Fully transparent dir as disk (by default)
- Debugging:
- It´s now possible to break on changes of the IRQ lines: the global Z80IRQ
input but also specific per-device IRQ outputs ("debug probe" command)
- Made more devices ´debuggable´
- Simplified usage of the ´debug device´
- Recording movies in higher resolution: 640x480 using the "-doublesize" option
- Major speed optimizations:
- Z80 and R800 emulation
- V99x8: command-engine, bitmap and sprite rendering
- SCC, YM2413, AY8910 and sound mixing in general
- rewrote some critical routines in x86 or ARM assembly
As a result most MSX1 and MSX2 software now runs realtime on a ARM9 200MHz
CPU, which you can find e.g. in a GP2X handheld console.
- Screenshots can now be made of the MSX screen only (using the "-msxonly"
- Added an On-Screen-Display (OSD) framework, which will be useful to control
openMSX in full screen mode and especially on hand held machines like the
GP2X. There is already a proof-of-concept OSD available, which can be
accessed by pressing the MENU (or Cmd+O) key. Note that this is still an
experimental feature! Feedback is most welcome, of course.
- Amount of horizontal stretch can be tweaked by the user (horizontal_stretch

MSX device support:
- Support for new mapper types: Nettou Yakyuu (with sample ROM, for Moero!!
Nettou Yakyuu ´8Cool, MatraInk (for Ink), Manbow2 (for Manbow 2),
MegaFlashRomScc (for new MegaFlashROM SCC extension)
- Several new machines were added, e.g. Philips VG 8000, Philips VG 8010 (also
French version), Philips VG 8020/19, Sony HB-10P, Sony HB-20P, Sony HB-55P
- Added Brazilian OPL3 Cartridge
- Major accuracy improvements:
- turboR: extra wait cycle when accessing VDP
- Z80:
- more accurate IRQ timing
- fixed some undocumented flag behaviour (not caught by zexall)
- implemented differences between turboR-Z80 and normal Z80 (SCF and CCF)
- R800:
- more accurate timing (correct page break behaviour)
- more accurate flags (rexall passes now)
- SCC:
- fixes in rotation mode
- corrected power-on state
- V99x8:
- implemented VRAM remapping (register R#1, bit7)
- implemented blink in bitmap mode
- V9990:
- much improved command timing
- bug fixes in command handling
- fixed vertical scroll details (in combination with screen splits)
- MSX-AUDIO: various fixes for the different MSX-AUDIO variants
- PSG: emulate joystick input pin 6/7 mask quirk
- more accurate ´HarryFox´ and ´CrossBlaim´ mapper types

Build system, packaging, documentation:
- Mostly updated support for building a statically linked executable on Windows.

And of course the usual various bug fixes.

In "doc/manual/index.html" you can find a set of HTML manuals for openMSX.
Make sure you read this if you haven´t used openMSX before, but also to learn
more about the new and changed features.

Known issues / caveats:
- Emulation is not perfect yet.
See the bug tracker on sourceforge.net for known bugs.
- Until we reach version 1.0.0, file formats can change in an incompatible way
without backwards compatibility. This happened between 0.4.0 and 0.5.0, for
example. Keep this in mind if you create machine descriptions, ROM database
entries etc. We do try to be backwards compatible for at least one release,
though. Keep in mind that openMSX is still evolving at a considerable speed.
- openMSX is confirmed to run on the following operating systems: Linux, Win32,
Mac OS X, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and NetBSD; on x86, x86-64, PPC, ARM and Sparc
CPU´s. Running on other operating systems (wherever SDL runs) or CPU´s should
be possible, but may require some modifications to the build system. If you
are compiling on a new platform, please share your experiences (see below for
contact info), so we can make openMSX more portable.
- CPU and graphics performance varies a lot, depending on the openMSX settings
and the MSX hardware and software you´re emulating. Some things run fine on a
200 MHz machine, others are slow on a 2 GHz machine. For performance tuning
tips, see the Setup Guide.

openMSX Home Page:
Project page on SourceForge:
Contact options:
- Send a message to the openmsx-user mailing list.
Go to the SourceForge project page and look under "Lists".
- Post on our forum: http://forum.openmsx.org/
- Talk to us on #openmsx on irc.freenode.net.

Have fun with your emulated MSX!
the openMSX developers

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[ MSX Emus ]

Alderaan shot first!

[ AEP @ Twitter ][ AEP @ Facebook
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