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Post subject: MSX: blueMSX v2.5  PostPosted: Jul 09, 2006 - 04:24 AM
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Der MSX-Emulator blueMSX wurde auf Version 2.5 aktualisiert.

The MSX emulator blueMSX has been updated to version 2.5.

v 2.5.0 July 8, 2006

In the emulator :
- Implemented a new controllers and keyboard editor that gives still more comfort to the gamers and will allow to support easily other computers or consoles in future versions
- Added the hard disk emulation : besides the well-known Sunrise IDE hard disk controllers, blueMSX has also implemented the Beer IDE and GIDE supports
- blueMSX is the first emulator that is capable to support the Yamaha CX5M, CX5M-128 and CX7M-128 computers by emulation of the YM2151 sound chip and the YK-01, YK-10 and YK-20 music keyboards. The MIDI part of the Yamaha SFG cartridges is not yet available.
- Added support for the MHT Ingenieros Gunstick and the ASCII Plus-X Terminator Laser
- Added support for two 80 columns graphics cards on MSX1 : Microsol VMX-80 and SVI-737
- Added support for Video In, Sony HBI-V1 digitizer and the digitization part of the Philips NMS-8280 computer
- Added superimpose and external video source support in V9938 emulation
- Added support for PNG screenshots
- Added support for creating new disk images of various size on MSX and SVI-328
- Added support for undocumented screen mode (screen 0 with screen 2 style name table addressing)
- Added a new display synchronization method
- Added a video option to blend consecutive frames and get smoother picture
- Added support for the YM2149 PSG
- Fixed the MIDI-IN support in the Turbo-R machines
- Added new rom mappers for SFG-01 and SFG-05 (used in the Yamaha music computers), the F&M Direct Assembler System and the SG-1000 version of The Castle
- Improved SRAM enable/disable handling in FM-PAC
- Restructured Keyboard and Joystick input
- Optimized the video rendering
- Added support for running blueMSX from read only media
- Added support for running blueMSX without storing any data on local machine
- Fixed addressing in Konami mappers
- Fixed bug in 1kB ram mapper used in ColecoVision and SG-1000
- Border rendering is now cycle accurate
- Fixed HREFRESH timing in VDP
- Fixed bug in XVRAM emulation
- Fixed sprite status bug
- Fixed VDP timing in Turbo-R and MSX2+ machines

In the debugger :
- Added find dialog to search for strings or values in the memory
- Improved editing in memory window
- Added debugging support of OPL sound chips

In the trainer :
- Extended the cheat database to 396 MSX games

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