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PSXEven 0.15
Posted on: Apr 24, 2003 - 03:03 by XTale

Sony Playstation 1 German
Echt langweilige Zeit, da freut man sich ueber jede News wie zB dem neuen Release des PSX-Emus PSXEven

* Fixed cdrom plugin interface, inorder to be able to use cdr plugins that dont support CDRplay/CDRstop.
* Fixed pandemonium, gpu_software screen "bobbing". Still doesnt work right in opengl.
* Corrected mdec timing, this fixes mdecs for ToE(TO2), dino crisis, Rival School 2 and a lot more games, no need to use the "whackedmdec" option anymore to avoid the "slideshow" mdecs.
* Correct exception priority level emulation.
* Correct vsync update to irq timing. (thanks to linuzappz ;))
* Fixed "unable to load/share/open iso" error when iso is marked read-only (internal iso plugin).
* CdrXeven fixes, including better error handling and Interface autodetection. (i.e wont crash and send your pc to hell anymore if your aspi installation is unsuitable)
* Fixed ff9 battle menu flickering with pete's software gpu.
* Corrected opcode MTC0 for proper R/W bits handling for COP0 registers.
* Added support for custom logos (tnx to CKemu for the new one), you can find some more logos from kiraseed and some more guys in the NGEmu forums.
* Corrected savestate problems regarding gamecode detection.
* Added savestate support for manually loaded psx-exe's
* Added support for PADpoll/PADstartPoll export funcs to support vibration (Harakiri Pad plugin).
* Correct MDEC RL block initialization (caused crashes).

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