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Pete's OpenGL Plugin
Posted on: Apr 23, 2003 - 11:11 by Chaos

Sony Playstation 1 Da in letzter Zeit absolut GARNIX passiert, und die untergegangen sind, kümmere ich mich halt mal darum: Die aktuelle version der Open GL GPU für Windows und Linux zeigt einige überarbeitete kleinigkeiten auf, die vorallem mit Kompatiblitätsschwierigkeiten zusammenhängen. (u.A. hofft der Author, dass Probleme mit dem ATI Catalyst 3.2 Treiber behoben wurden, konnte es jedoch nicht überprüfen).

Hier der komplette Text der Neuerungen:

- I've adjusted the OpenGL fullscreen handling somewhat.
I don't know if it will help with the ATI 3.2 Catalyst drivers
(which seem to tend to crash when the rendering context
is getting released), but it should not hurt as well.

- The results of my experimental 1.70 alpha texel handling were
interesting. As expected, some Intel and Kyro card users
reported black areas, but also ATI cards were affected.
So, I've adjusted the alpha values again, this way the texture
handling (without filtering) will be OK on all cards, and
also activated filtering will be fine with most cards (thanx to
Badara for checking it on his ATI card). For cards still having
filtering troubles I've included a new special game fix: "Use
old texture filtering", which will handle the filtering like
version 1.69 (or older).

- A small OpenGL plugin bugfix for the lovers of the 'keep
aspect ratio' option: now you can use the 'direct framebuffer
upload' special game fix without problems. Thanx to F-3582
for reporting that issue.

- Beside the usual bugfixes (as described above), I also
wanted to add some new eye candy and improved compatibility.
Snu suggested to use a new kind of hires textures: simply
scaled ones, without any interpolation like 2xSaI. First I was
sceptical, and my first checks seemed to proove me right: I
couldn't see any image quality improvements at all. So I dropped
that idea for a few days, until it came to my mind that I've used
a too small window resolution (640x480) for my tests. And yeah:
Scaled hires textures combined with extended texture filtering and
a resolution of 800x600 or higher gives a nice display: there will be
a slight (not very strong) filter effect on 2D backgrounds, without
tile effects or much texture glitches (well, there are the usual
exceptions like FF7, which simply hates any kind of texture
So, it's a good alternative to the standard texture filtering
(which often screws 2D backgrounds), use it if you like
it (and your hardware can handle it, of course... like 2xSaI you
will prolly need at least 64 MBytes vram with most games).

- As for compatibility: it's well known that the current hw/accel
psx gpu plugins have to do all kind of compromises, resulting
in lower compatibility (means: missing screens, screwed displays,
flickering, etc) with some games. And it's not easy to improve
the compatibility of one game without screwing a dozen other
ones. Anyway, in 1.71 I've tried to improve my 'splash screen'
upload detection (hopefully in a way that it doesn't harm games),
but I've noticed still missing screens in Tony Hawks (demo),
Soulreaver (demo) and Colin McRae (demo). So I've decided
to do an even nastier screen detection as well, but this one has
to get activated manually as a new special game fix, since it surely
will act badly with much other games (for example ChronoCross).
_Only_ activate the new fix when you are missing important
information screens (and of course there is no guarantee that
the fix will help your game).

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