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Z64K v2.0.0 Build 29December2020
Posted on: Dec 29, 2020 - 03:44 by retroK

Commodore 64/16/Plus4 German

Der komplett in Java geschriebene Commodore 64 Emulator Z64K wurde aktualisiert. Z64K emuliert folgende Systeme: C64, C128, VC 20, Atari 2600.



The Commodore 64 emulator Z64K has been updated. The Java based Z64K emulates the following systems: C64, C128, VC 20, Atari 2600.


29 December - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Save screenshots on exit of c128 mode for TestBench
  • Screen shot options available in media settings. TestBench screenshots are saved in the format VICE testbench uses for it's test suite. 1:1 pixel default (aspect ration not maintained), 4:3 aspect ratio - Use X or Y as the base dimension.  

28 December - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • C128 extra keys options available in model settings

26 December

  • Enable Copy from screen for Version 2 of Z64K.
  • Fix copy from VDC screen for Version 1 of Z64K.
  • Add CPU multiplier for C64, C128 and VIC 20 of Version 2 of Z64K.  Available under speed settings. Speed up games like Fairlight and Driller without affecting timing of music etc..

25 December - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Updated some CIA shift behaviour.  All VICE test repository CIA shift register related tests pass now.

24 December - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Disable VIC-II grey dot for C128 emulation when running testbench.
  • Fixed issue with testbench scripts using c64 emulation.
  • Enable drives when testbench "debugcart" option is enabled.  Allows drive via tests to pass.

17 December - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Some audio driver updates to improve sound output in Linux

13 December - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Improve tape counter timing when using rewind/f. fwd.
  • Start of UI settings for CBM Datasette.  Proper Reverse and Fast Forward implemented .
  • Partial implementation of VIC20 and  disk drive snapshots

6 December - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Added load_labels (ll) and save_labels (sl) Machine Monitor commands.
  • Added add_label (al), clear_labels (cl), delete_label (dl), and show_labels (shl), Machine Monitor commands.
  • Added radix and registers Machine Monitor commands.
  • When "Audio plugin to control the Game loop speed" not selected Game Loop sleep time is factors in audio buffer size.  Improves stability of audio on lower end devices.
  • Re-enable separate thread for audio driver. "Audio plugin to control the Game loop speed" off by default.

5 December - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Option to use Audio plugin to control the Game loop speed. Available in Volume control. Lag will be determined by sound buffer size. On by default.  
  • Multiple updates to Audio driver.  Should be a lot more stable, especially on lower end systems. 

30 November - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Replaced monitor single step cycle "r" command with "cycle" and "zc". The command is now included in the machine monitor help (? cycle). r is currently disabled and is reserved for the register command.
  • Fixed bug when exiting machine monitor where last stepped instruction in debugger window would be over written.

29 November - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Update Machine monitor output to correct valueswhen stepping through cycles or instructions in the open IO area. 
  • Greatly improved speed and memory usage when executing a huge number of debugging cycles in machine monitor.  
  • Fixed overflow bug that caused machine monitor to freeze if disassembling entire memory.

25 November - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Updated VDC model to partly emulate behaviour of VDC register 27 value > 0 in multicolour bitmap as discussed here.  

22 November - Version 2 of Z64K only

  • Included progress bar of filter setup when reSID is selected.  Save the filter tables into the config folder for quicker setup of filtersnext time emulator is started  with reSID enabled.
  • Added an option which isavailable in settings to use the WIP reSID engine. It is based very close to the current VICE reSIDemulation. Note: Emulator will freeze for a few seconds while the filters are being calculated when reSID is first selected. 


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