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z26 v2.13
Posted on: May 24, 2004 - 11:07 by retroK

Atari 2600 Einer der besten Atari 2600 Emulatoren - z26 - wurde aktualisiert. Es gibt Binaries für Windows und den Sourcecode für Linux zum Kompilieren.
Neu ist (siehe erw. Text).

* Converted MASM assembly code to NASM syntax, preparatory to the...

* ...Linux port! z26 can now be compiled for Windows, Linux, or just about any other x86 environment that supports a UNIX-like build environment with GCC. The Linux support is solid; preliminary testing has been done on FreeBSD and BeOS. There are a few Linux-specific command-line options, see below. A Linux static binary is available for those who don't wish to compile z26 from source.

* Improved documentation. We now have a PDF manual and a man page for Linux.

* Added ability to selectively disable graphical objects. This feature is mostly intended for developers.

* We now lock the audio device before filling the sound queue. This should prevent the long startup times that were plaguing some Windows users. It also should allow z26 to run correctly on multi-processor machines.

* Also we made the INTIM timer random at the emulator start again. Berzerk should start with a different screen each time you play it now.

* Other than the audio device locking and the random INTIM timer, version 2.13 for Windows should behave identically to version 2.12. If this isn't the case, please let us know.

* Thanks to Brian Watson, Eckhard Stolberg, and James Wilkinson for help with this version!

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