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z26 2.12
Posted on: Mar 22, 2004 - 04:10 by XTale

Atari 2600 Die Windowsversion des Atari2600 Emulators z26 wurde auf Version 2.12 aktualisiert.

What's New in this version?

Completely rewrote the controller handling code in C to allow easier
addition of new features.

Added -) and -( command line switches to select controller for left
and right port. See below for details.

Command line switches -i, -j, -k, -l, -w, and -y changed or lost
their meaning, because they were superseded by -) and -(. See below
for details.

Upgraded the SDL DLL to version 1.2.7.

Added support for "EF" type bankswitching, which will be used by
Paul Slocum's upcomming Homestar Runner RPG game.

Added support for the Stelladaptor, which lets you connect Atari
joysticks, driving controllers and paddles to your PC's USB port.

Added support for the three types of Atari Trak-Ball controllers,
so that the Missile Command hacks can now be played.

Added paddle emulation through the PC joystick, and made the keyboard
emulate all four paddles at once with fixed keys.

Added the -P command line switch to set the PC-joystick sensitivity
and shift it's range in the paddle emulation.

Thanks to Eckhard Stolberg for help with this version!

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