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KiGB v1.56
Posted on: Feb 05, 2004 - 11:24 by retroK

Nintendo Game Boy German
Einer der besten Gameboy Emulatoren - KiGB - wurde aktualisiert. Es wurden einige Spiele gefixed, die mit der letzten Version nicht liefen. Ausserdem wurden alle GoodGBX Roms von # bis N erfolgreich getestet.

Die komplette Changes-Liste gibts im erw. Text.

V1.56 (3004-2-4)
- Highlights of this release:
* Games started with N's are tested. Now, all games started with #'s, A's
to M's in GoodGBX ROM set have been tested. More than 50% is done.
* Added an option to pause in the main menu.
- New Features:
* Added an option to pause in the main menu.
- Bugs Fixed:
* In Win XP, some GB mono games crashed the emulator.
* Pokemon Red-Blue 2-in-1, invalid opcode resulted after pressing Start at
the title screen.
* Parodius, the lazer beams were only shoot forward. This bug had already
been fixed in V1.55.
* Nihon Daiyou Soccer, at the screen where the bird appeared, the color
incorrectly changed to green for a while.
* NHL Hockey 95 and 96, the upper part of the window flashed during game
* NHL Hockey 95, emulation speed was slow.
* Following games were broken in V1.55:
~ Bugs Bunny - Crazy Castle 3 (J) [C][t2], missing trainer screen.
~ Dark Man, sprites drawing problem when moving the player.
~ Beat Mania 2, invalid opcode resulted just before game play.
~ Boy and His Blob, garbage flashed just before game play.
~ Super Snaky, garbage appeared in the border just before game play.
~ Racing Mini 4WD - Lets Go!! MAX, invalid opcode resulted when selecting
Stop Watch and choosing 1 Player.
~ When changing a SGB game to another, the new border did not show up.
~ The image of the old game might appear when changing to a new game.

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