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ePSXe Cutor V1.61 Pre Release
Posted on: Nov 24, 2003 - 04:06 by MasterPhW

Frontends German
Auch wenn die neue Version von ePSXe noch ein wenig auf sich warten lässt,
wurde das Frontend von ePSXe nochmals erneuert und neue Funktionen hinzugefügt!
Dieses Pre realease lässt auf ein baldiges Update dieses geilen Emus hoffen!
Neuerungen im erweiterten Text

*like the " (pre-release)" version, this release is just done to give you a few new features and fixes, until a real epsxe (or however the next epsxe version will be called) is showing up.

*First, a fix. If you had a ":" character in your config name, it wasn't possible to export this config to a .reg file. Bug squashed. Thanx to Criftus for the bug report.

*It's now possible to include wildcards (? or * characters) in the config CD IDs. What's that good for? Well, it comes handy, especially with the config Quickstart function in multi-CD games. Usually the CD IDs of such games only differ in one character, so now you can do one config for all CDs of a game, instead of n different configs (one for each CD). Thanx to Skinny for the suggestion.

*Are you a PC user who often reinstalls Windows, to get a clean system? Tired of exporting dozens of single configs, to backup all of your psx emu settings? Now ePSXeCutor offers an "export all" option, which will save all configs, groups and main emu settings in a single .reg file. Double-click that file after you did the new Windows installation, and you will have back all your previous settings. Nice, isn't it? Thanx to Nov for the idea.

*You like ePSXeCutor's Quickstart function? It would be even better if ePSXeCutor would start a config as soon as you insert a PSX game CD? Well, Betamax, the coder of "Delta", another fine psx emu frontend, has coded a ePSXeCutor addon, which will stay in the Windows system tray, and start up ePSXeCutor each time when a PSX CD gets inserted in your drive. You can get the "AutoQuickStart" tool in the "Download" section of http://delta.ngemu.com/ ...go, and check it out :)

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ePSXe Cutor V1.61 Pre Release

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