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ControllerEight-way D-Pad, Four action buttons, 3 Function
DimensionsOriginal: 190 x 108 x 19 mm / Pocket Pro: 140 x 86 x 28 mm
CPUSharp sm8521 8-Bit CPU @ 1.5MHz - 10MHz
Main Memoryunknown
Display200 x 160 resolution, 13 x 10 grid based touch screen, 3.5 in. diameter (Original) / 2,8 in. diameter (Pocket Pro)
Resolution200 x 160 pixel
ColorsBlack and White, with 5 gray levels
SoundMono, single speaker
Battery4 AA Batteries (2 AA on the Pocket Pro), AC Adapter
Features:Touchscreen Pen, Serial Comm Port for the Compete.com cable, In Jack for headphones, DC9V in (AC Adapter), 2 Cartridge Slots (1 on the Pocket Pro)
Date:September 1997 / Pocket Pro September 1998
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