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AEPgb - a Nintendo Game Boy Color emulator written in Java

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AEPgb is a Nintendo Game Boy (Color) emulator written in Java. It is based on two other Java Game Boy emulators: Pgb and JavaBoy (sound code).

AEPgb has been released as Open Source software under the GNU General Public Licence. This means that you can download the source code, find out how it works, and then make your own modifications and improvements, contributing to the free software movement!

Download the current Version here AEPgb v0.89.2 Download.
Visit the project site at Sourceforge, where you may download the sourcecode too: AEPgb Sourceforge Project Site

You can discuss bugs or feature requests at our AEPgb Forum


2004-07-18 AEPgb v0.89.2 has been released.
These are the changes:
  • Replaced opcode-classes by switch-case block and fixed timings (baka0815)
  • Fixed Soundstatus register, Zelda Oracle Of Ages / Seasons now boots the intro (and crashes then) (XTale)
  • Added two speed increasing patches submitted by Christian Ullenboom (thanks a lot!) (retroK & XTale)
  • Added an about dialog (retroK)
  • Added screenshot function (usage: F5 key) (XTale)
  • Added extension .sgb for loading roms (retroK)

2004-07-05 AEPgb v0.89 has been released.
These are the changes:
  • Fixed nullpointer exception when loading unknown files (retroK)
  • Changed menushortcuts (Strg-O Open, Strg-X Close) (retroK)
  • Sound channels 1-4 can be enabled or disabled seperately (retroK)
  • Sound frequency and buffer size can be changed (retroK)
  • Fixed some sound routines, most games should sound much better now (XTale)
  • Began work on Applet support, does not work yet (XTale)

2004-06-23 AEPgb v0.88 has been released.
These are the changes:
  • Renamed to AEPgb
  • Added soundemulation using code from JavaBoy
  • Removed Microsoft (DirectX) specific rendering code
  • Cleaned up sourcecode

Some known bugs:

  • SGB Border does not work
  • Sound in Super Mario Land (and some other titles) is playing at double speed
  • Slow emulation speed

Some screenshots:

Hungry are the Dead - Demo 3 by Berserker Industries (PD) [C] GBC Intro Collection (PD) [C] Demotronic Final Demo (PD) [C]
Lufia - The Legend Returns (E) (M2) [C][!] Shantae (U) [C][!]

Hungry are the Dead - Demo 3 by Berserker Industries (PD) [C]
Contact: retroK@gmail.com

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