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Author Message
Post subject: Tools: emuControlCenter v0.9.6  PostPosted: Dec 14, 2007 - 09:58 PM
Site Admin

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Nach 6 Monaten Arbeit wurde eine neue Version des Rommanagers ECC veröffentlicht.

Das ziemlich lange Changelog findet sich im erweiterten Text.

After 6 months of hard work, a new version of the rommanagerECC was released.

The (quite long) changelog can be found in the extended text.

Version 0.9.6 (2007.12.14)

- Added platforms
- Casio PV-1000
- Casio PV-2000
- Cybiko Classic
- DOSbox - DOS emulator
- Dragon Systems - Dragon 32/64
- Interton VC-4000

- Small updates
- Added MSX1, & MSX2 EMU INI´s.
- replaced zlib1.dll with an uncompressed version.
- as from ECC 0.9.5.R2 ECC is not compressed with UPX anymore.
so hopefully after this update the false virus positives should be gone!
- Theme fix - Valiance
- This update fixes the ECC crash on ´Valiance´ theme.
- Fix by Cyrille, our Theme Manager, many thanks Cyrille!.

- Platform updates
- Removed all ´(c)´ & ´tm´ crap in the logo´s.
- Removed some text underneath some logo´s.
- Made some images much nicer by splitting-up the logo.
- Replaced & polished some images to look much nicer.
- Updated the PC Engine image (moved logo´s)
- Removed the Sega Dreamcast MDF extension, and added CDI, MDS, NRG, GDI, BIN, ELF

WIP 24 (2007.12.12)
- size of navigation is saved to ecc_history.ini, if "Save settings" is activated!
- fixed white menu problems under windows vista (new gtk version)
- remove romid menu entry
- removed old ecc-datfile suffix ".ecc" - now only ".eccDat" is supported (rename old .ecc files to .eccDat)
- removed backup creation for user configs (.bak files)

WIP 23 (2007.12.10)
- fixed array output for "# All found" popups
- fixed problem with eccUserFolder eccident-platform.html files (e.g. ZINC)
- fixed some little glitches in relative path convertion for emulators and roms.
- "Reparse all ROM folders" added the platforms eccUser Folder as default path for reparsing
-- Start ecc -> platform menu "Open eccUser folder" -> copy roms to roms folder -> platform menu, choose "Reparse" ... done!
- "Optimize roms" now also optimize folders not available for "Reparse all Roms" feature
- added new table fdata_drivemap for future CD/USB drive mapping.
- renamed some tables in database to fit the naming convention.

WIP 22 (2007.12.07)
- fixed "ECC 0.9.6 WIP21 list comparing bug"

WIP 21 (2007.12.06)
- added new entry to platform-navigation "Open eccUser folder (pce)"
- added new html file e.g. "c64_-_Commodore_64.html" to eccUser folders. (use rebuild eccUser folder)
- moved language config to own tab
- added new option "Send bugreport at startup" in Config/Startup
- click on emuControlCenter logo now opens ecc website (before opens about-popup).

WIP 20 (2007.12.05)
- fixed size of large "extension *.??? problem" popup.
- fixed "Emulator conf. disabled in menu when standing on ´all found´"
- fixed array output in "remove roms" dialog (for "All found")
- fixed eccdb datfile import problem (wrong linebreak sequence)

WIP 19 (2007.11.26)
- fixed crc32 "Double trouble" on large files by ecc "fsum" wrapper for these!
- emulator config
-- added platfom name in emuConfig headline for better overview
-- moved known emulators to new tab "Links & Infos"

WIP 18 (2007.11.19)
- Config - option to Save View-Mode settings (only experts)
-- save current list selection (have, donthave, meta aso)
-- save the state of the panels navigation (key F11) and info (key F12)
- changed datfile suffix to .eccDat
- default selection of ecc-system/datfile (arcade), if you choose CtrlMAME-Import
- catched png decompression exception (better/more error handling in ECC)
- fixed ECC crashes when ´illegal´ characters are in the searchbox
- eccDAT file with line-breakline-feed (TODO: ecc romdb)
- fixed ECC Script BUG (URGENT)
- Double trouble with PSX isos
-- found bug but and fixed it.... but....
-- DANGER: ecc will now possible freeze on larger files!! Hopefully we find a way for this!

- need fast calcHash function for larger files (32MB - 1GB) in php (php extension written in C (dll))
-- returns an crc32 checksum (type) checksum of the given file.... start reading the file with an start offset of 512 bytes and stops 128 bytes before the end of file.
-- start offset (seekstart) is needed for consoles like super nintendo with copystation headers. End offset (seekend) is used e.g for mp3 id3 tags.
-- maybe also direct access to zip-files file="c:/path/rom.zip/pathinzip/rom.cdi" (including better errorhandeling than php for corrupt zips .... Smile )

// calcHash should be created as an php extension (dll, so)
$crc32 = calcHash($type=´CRC32´, $path=´c:/path/rom.cdi´, $seekStart=512, $seekEnd=-128, $callback=array($this, ´updateProgress´), $callbackEach=1024);
catch(CalcHashException $e){}

* callback function for progress update in php-gtk2
* called each X bytes specified by "callbackEach" from within calcHash
public function updateProgress($type, $path, $bytesProcessed, $bytesTotal){
print $bytesProcessed.´ of ´.bytesTotal.´ processed! (File: ´.$path.´)´."


WIP 17 (2007.09.10)
- added new colors to config for imageCenter slots
- fixed imageCenter slot selection bug
- fixed imageCenter hilighting of empty slots (next, prev buttons)
- optimized audit speed for multiplatform roms :-)

WIP 16 (2007.08.15)
- added storage of listview mode (have, donthave aso) in history.ini (+shortcuts)
- added translation for mame driver-dropdown (ecc-system/conf/mame/driver.ini)
- fixed rom-audit bug for arcade platforms... please re-audit!
- fixed stupid bug in imageCenter - now add images works again.
- fixed an escape problem (&) in romInfo/DATA-Tab
- fixed little glitch in metaEdit
- optimized gui
- optimized the default colors
- updated shortcuts
- @phoenix: DEMO FOR THE NEW ECC-USER folders... after that, recreate the folder (top menu)

a78 = 1
FileParserGeneric#a7800 = a78
folder = "Atari 7800"

WIP 15 (2007.08.13)
- added preview of "roms you dont have" images
- added size and position save for imageCenter
- added mame driver dropdown
- added mame driver to rom details (MAME (driver.c))
- added parser state for multifile roms (current file parsed)
- added soundpreview (ecc.exe /sndprev "full path to audio file")
- added "naviagation images in list view!" again
- added more i18n translations
- added new shortcuts
- fixed imageCenter "type is not supported" bug
- fixed list switch / results perpage bug
- fixed emulator command preview
- optimized top navigation
- optimized audit state icons
- optimized position of save/close buttons in configuration (from ?x600 resolution)
- optimized mediaEdit labels (now elipsed ...)

WIP 14 (2007.08.05)
- added "relative paths" for assigned emulator, if in ecc-user folder
- added "relative paths" for added rom folders
- added new "shortcut" for folderchooser pointing to the selected platform ecc-user folder
- added "ecc-user/#_GLOBAL/emus/" folder for emulators used by more than one platform
- fixed an bug with mame datfile import
- fixed little glitch in emuConfig

WIP 13 (2007.08.04)
- added Rom Audit (multirom)
-- icons for listview/details to show the state of the roms
-- Popup for current multirom status like valid states, missing files aso.
--- Repair of wrong filenames implemented (for winkawaks... needs the right filename!)
- added "reparse all found" option. Select platform or "all found" and hit ALT+F5
- added "start emulator" button in emulator configuration to make settings in the emu.
- added error popup to file operations, if rename could not done! (file is allready in place)
- added new Shortcuts:
-- ALT+R Rescan rom folder for new roms
-- ALT+I Show rom audit informations (multiroms)
-- ALT+F5 Reparse selected Platform / All found (or STRG+F5)
- added new parameter to ecc_ARCADEPLATORM_system.ini for automatic mame sourcefile matching!
-- ecc will automaticly transfer these games to the right platforms later (planed! Smile)
-- @phoenix: please take a look at the datfile/mame.dat for the right sourcefiles
-- [OPTIONS] mame_sourcefile = cps2.c
- added more translation strings...
- fixed an big bug in the auditing multifile roms. !!!
-- if you have added roms for more than one multirom platform, ecc havent changed the datfile
-- How to correct you checksums? (USE WIP 12!!!!!)
--- To correct your checksums, please use the "Import CtrlMAME datfile" function in WIP 12.
--- this works correct and will change your checksums to the right ones.
- fixed "Notepad++ cannot create scripts with relative paths"
- fixed "Glitch in compare layout"
- fixed "File/games ZIP notice"
- fixed missing "view" translation
- fixed both bugs in "ECC config more translated"
- fixed "Choice of Fonts and Colors" in main romlist
- removed context menu "add new roms" (romlist) if no platform is selected
- removed UTF-8 support SWITCHED BACK TEMPORARILY TO CP1250 (!)

WIP 12 (2007.07.23)
- Reparse rom directory
-- Now the folder is optimized before new parsed. So removed roms are deleted from db
-- Menu entry isnt disabled anymore.
- changed: Image center "add image" confirm-popup dont hide the imagecenter complete.

WIP 11 (2007.07.19)
- Romlist
-- Added grey out for missing roms
-- Now the name is bold in detail-view
- CtrlMame-Dat
-- Moved to import submenu
-- Added i18n entries
-- removed debug output

WIP 10 (2007.07.15)
- CtrlMame-Dat
-- Implemented auto audit for new parsed roms (Neo-Geo / CPS2)
--- CM-Dat parser automaticlly assign the correct mergedEccCrc32 to the romset
--- if you want to add the metadata from the datfile, choose "import CtrlMame Dat"
--- added new folder containing multirom platform CtrlMame (CM) dat files
-- Optimized CM ControlMame-Dat import
-- Added state of merged clone sets (only diff to original) (F: Full set / M = Merge set)
-- crc32 will now also changed for existing meta- and userdata
- Gamelist view
-- Added indicator for Have/Donthave
-- made name resizable
- Other changes
-- fixed wrong folder bug for "parse new roms" in history.ini
-- Disabled "adding roms all found in context menu"
-- Fixed "Create all ecc user-folders - Missing folder in popup"
-- Fixed "Bug in platform list sorting"

WIP 9 (2007.07.14)
- Implemented CM ControlMame-Dat import
-- first simple Audit for multirom-files like cps2, neo-geo!
--- This will automaticly change the crc32 to the right combined eccCrc32 from dat
--- The images are automaticly transfered to the new folder
--- Infos are shown in the info-field
---- ok [unique] == only one matching rom found
---- ok [multi] == many matching roms found, best used!
---- error [unique] == only one matching rom found, but single files are missing
---- error [multi] == many matching roms found, best used! but single files are missing
---- Output of an logfile (array) dump at the end of auditing!

WIP 8 (2007.07.05)
- ListContext
-- Added "Add new platform roms"
-- Added "Remove all platform roms"
-- Added "Remove ROM metadata"
- File-/Folder-Chooser popup
-- Implement multi folder selection for "Add new roms"
-- Implemented folder-shortcuts for all choosers (bottom left folder selection)
--- ecc-user folder
--- all assigned emulator-folders for selected platform
- imageCenter
-- fixed some glitches, if you cancel the file-selector
-- fixed that ecc forgot the path for moved images in file-selector
-- Tried to set a sticky image preview (not working very good now Smile )
- Implemented topmenu entry for "Import online datfiles"
- Added updated frensch translation done by cyrille
- Fixed "Find duplicate ROMS - Strange popups"
- Fixed "Optimize database ROM combined"

WIP 7 (2007.07.01)
- Restructuring Detaillist-Output
- Reordening downsection "info box"
- Fixed "Wrong messagebox" bug

WIP 6 (2007.06.30)
- fixed a little problem with "Start in Emufolder"
- added i18n for eSearch reset button
- Implemented 2 Zip-Handeling Modes
-- 1. Include Mode
-- Only extensions set after |INCLUDES_ONLY| are gathered for checksum

zip = 1
FileParserZip#eccident = zip |INCLUDES_ONLY| rom, bin

-- 2. Exclude Mode
-- All extensions in the zip are parsed. The excluded extensions are removed!

zip = 1
FileParserZip#eccident = zip
excludeExtensions = txt, inf, diz, url, tag, www, nfo

- If no file left after include/exclude, the file isnt parsed in!

WIP 5 (2007.06.30)
- emulator configuration
-- Implemented "Start in Emufolder" for e.g WinKawaks
-- Optimized the option-selection (Hide unvalid settings)
-- Add little hint, if there is no emulator assigned :-)

WIP 4 (2007.06.29)
- i18n translation support
-- complete top-menu
-- complete infoPane area
- Fixed confirm destroy problem

WIP 3 (2007.06.2Cool
- emuControlCenter is now UTF-8 ready
-- set "php-gtk.codepage = UTF-8" in php.ini
-- Added japanese languages support provided by yoshi
-- Added charset.ini to i18n folder containing the charset of the tranlation
--- used to convert given charset to UTF-8
-- "en", "fr" and "de" tranlations are now UTF-8!!!!
--- Use Notepad++ (ecc-core/thirdparty ) for translations (UTF-8 without BOM!!!!)
- Fixed "No extension" path bug
- Fixed problem, if ecc-user folder is missing!
- Fixed "Some wierd errors" bug

WIP 2 (2007.06.24)
- Implemented "first try" version of (multirom) zip parsing
-- How it works..
--- ecc parses each file in the zip file and creates checksums for each file!
--- All singlefile crc32 are ordered acending, concated by "," and used for an global crc32 checksum.
--- All singlefile crc32 checksums + real size are viewable in the header-tab!
--- build function to "excludeExtensions = txt, inf, diz, url, tag, www, nfo"
- Implemented "hide dialog checkbox" for parsing large-file dialog!
- fileOperations && Configuration changed background-color
- Meged updated french translation by cyrille

WIP 1 (2007.06.22)
- refactured gameLists
-- Now switch between list and detail view without restart (USE F1/F2 or top menu!)
-- Very fast list-mode.... Smile (because i�ve removed fields!) Only for DEVEL! Smile
- Added Datfile-Download from internet
- mediaEdit
-- added tearoffs/detach for category-dropdown! (perfect, if you add many meta-informations)
-- added Fileinfo header
-- changed background color
- imageCenter
-- changed background color
- Fixed "extension problem windows" size problem
- Fixed "Ball & Paddle" bug
- Fixed Glade-Warning on startup
- Fixed crash on files bigger than 64MB ( arghhhhhhh Smile ) - wrong ini settings
-- fixed php.ini - wrong memory_limit = 64M, changed to wrong memory_limit = -1
-- We have to take care of this ini-settings!
-- @phoenix: please change error_log path to error_log= ..ecc-core-errors.log

- 3rd party tool updates
- Notepad++ v4.6
- Autoit v3.2.10.0

- Core components
- ECC GTK Core update from to v2.12.1.0 (GIMP build)

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