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Post subject: Diverse: GoodGBx, GoodGBA & GoodN64 3.14 Update  PostPosted: Nov 11, 2007 - 11:46 AM

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Nach langer Zeit hat Cowering endlich wieder neue Versionen von dreien seiner beliebtesten GoodTool veröffentlicht. Millionen ROM Sammler aus aller Welt bringen das Internet zum erliegen.

After a long hiatus Cowering finally has released new versions of three of his most popular GoodTools. Millions of ROM collectors worldwide slow down the Internet to a crawl.

Hier die Neuigkeiten:
Notes for GoodN64 V3.14

By popular demand, and because I´m tired of getting email about them, I have added the N64DD dumps. And yes, the [!p] flag is no longer needed!

Notes for GoodGBA V3.14

Added all the last GBA releases.. hopefully things are now slow enough that GoodGBA does not fall too far behind.

CRC32 mode is highly discouraged in this release. Two games: "Meet the Robinsons" and "Petz Vet" have the same CRC32 value for their copier fixed versions as for the true unhacked copy. You must use SHA1 mode or you will be missing two games no matter what you do.

Another note. Since so many GoodTools users use GoodMerge to 7zip files, you have to be very careful about these two games. GoodGBA does not calculate SHA1 when scanning 7z files that were compressed in ´solid´ mode. (GoodMerge
always does it this way). If GoodGBA uncompressed solid 7z file to compute SHA1 it would add hours to the scanning/listing process. Just be aware of this and you won´t worry about two ´missing´ roms in your ´complete´ GoodMerged set.

Für die etwas langsamen unter euch nochmal zum mitschreiben: "Meet the Robinsons" und "Petz Vet" haben die gleiche CRC32. Eine hash collision ist ja bei CRC32 nicht ganz unerwartet, trotzdem mindestens so interessant, wie bei einer Massenkarambolage auf der Autobahn auf der entgegenkommenden Spur zu fahren... Wink
Notes for GoodGBx V3.14

Lots of things added.. mainly the Gambatte Hardware Tests and some redumps I´ve been doing lately. If you use force63 or forcexbox, some of the longer names are shortened a lot more now. Items like "Gambatte Emu HWTests" get renamed as ´GHW´. This saves a lot more room for the unique part of the filename. I am no longer making exhaustive tests to make sure that forcexbox and forcedc filenames do not collide. Generally, if you do a ´GoodGBx rename dirs´ and then go into each countries folder and ´GoodGBx rename´ any country dupes that would have collided will be ok.

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