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Post subject: MAME GP2X v4.7  PostPosted: Aug 15, 2007 - 09:39 AM
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MAME-GP2X ist ein auf MAME basierender Multi Arcade Emulator für GP2X und ist auf Version 4.7 aktualisiert worden.
Danke an e-lation.net für die News.

MAME-GP2X is now available as version 4.7.

New MAMEGP2X 4.7:

- Improved again the System 16 driver (MAME 0.36b4):
Several new games are playable (Out Run, Space Harrier, Super Hang-On, Bay Route, etc).
All games have now full sound (Moon Walker, Shadow Dancer, E-Swat, etc).
Several fixes in some games (e.g. Hang-On has no graphic errors now).
- The SEGAPCM, RF5C68 and YM2612 sound cores have been added (required by several System 16 games).
- Modified romsets: MAME 0.36b4: alexkidd, aliensyn, altbeas2, altbeast, astormbl, atomicp, aurail, bodyslam, dduxbl,
eswatbl, fantzone, fpointbl, goldnaxa, goldnaxe, hangon, hwchamp, mjleague, moonwlkb, passshtb, quartet, quartet2,
riotcity, sdi, shdancer, shdancrj, shinobi, shinobl, tetrisbl, timscanr, tturf, tturfbl, wb3, wb3bl, wrestwar.
- New romsets: MAME 0.36b4: alexkida, aliensya, aliensyb, astorm, auraila, bayrouta, bayroute, bayrtbl1, bayrtbl2,
endurob2, endurobl, enduror, eswat, fpoint, goldnabl, goldnaxb, goldnaxc, moonwalk, outrun, outruna, outrunb,
passsht, shangon, shangonb, sharrier, shdancbl, shinobia, tetris, wb3a.
- Updated Cyclone M68k core by Notaz. The trace mode and the address error emulation have been added.
- 1202 romsets are now supported!. The ClrMAME DAT has been also updated with the latest romsets.

- Thanks to all paypal donators: EvilDragon (www.gp32x.de), Federico Mazza, Nandove, Videogame Stuff, Denis Evans, Ricardo Cabello, Elías Ballesteros, J.Antonio Serralvo Martín, bagmouse7, Suj, funkyferdy, Gieese, Vincent Cleaver, William Burnett, Bleeg, Martin Dolphin, Ilarri, Glen Stones, Dr.Konami, Augusto Carlos Pérez Arriaza, Charles Box, Borochi, Kayday, George Tavoulareas, Timofonic, Fabrice Canava, Redox, Javitotrader, remowilliams, Scott Contrera, Jinhyun Seo, Craigix (www.gp2x.co.uk), Shane Monroe, Simon Beattie, Stefan Braunstein, DaveC, Colin Bradshaw, Dana Rodolico, Revod, Michael Evers, Riccardo Pizzi, Fosfy45, Dj Syto, Rob Pittman, Stefan Mueller, Musa, Unai, Sascha Reuter, Globalwide Technologies Limited, Juan Rivera-Novoa, Mark Carin, SBock, Julio Catalina Piedrahita, techFreak (www.gp2xtr.com), Darius Hardy, Charles Andre, Matt Brimelow, McOskar, Daniel PP Saurborn, Picayuco, Kojote (www.pdroms.com), Knoxximus, Tony Watterson, Matthew Forman, naples39, NEO (www.elotrolado.net), Patrick Mettes, Angel Molero Grueso, Lubidog, Smiths (www.emuholic.com), retromander, Ruben Villar, Snakefd99cb, Harkaitz, BZFrank, Sang Kim, phoda, Caesaris, Furanchu, Selcuk Cegit, K-Navis, Estaño, Jeff Hong, Jasmot, Igboo, Sergio Onorati, Julien Perret, Cheap Impostor, Gianluca Lazzari, Niche IP Solutions, Jason, Thomas Seban, Miq01, Paul Carter, Freddy Deniau, Mustafa Beciragic, Ian Rawlings, Domenico Calcagno, pongplaya, Aruseman, Anarchy (www.hardcore-gamer.net), www.gp32spain.com, www.gp2xspain.com, Darkman, Chaos Engineer, Ian Buxton, Martin M Pedersen, Philip Trottman, Gary Ross, Fat Agnus, Austin Holdsworth, Paul Johns, Gaterooze, Elizabeth Burrow, Godmil, rooster, Dark_Warlock, Danilo Gadza, Gadget, Hando (www.gp32x.com), Gary Miller, AOJ, John Huxley, X-Code BirraMaster, Jorge Gavela Alvarez, Halo9, b._.o._.b, James Perry, Pughead, Beb, Luis Fernando González Barreto, Frank Bukor.

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