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Author Message
Post subject: os9exec V3.38  PostPosted: Apr 20, 2007 - 03:46 PM
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os9exec ist ein Microware/Radisys OS-9/68k Emulator für MacOS ,Windows und Linux.

os9exec is a Microware/Radisys OS-9/68k emulator. A new version has been released for MacOS ,Windows and Linux.

Release Name: V3.38

OS9exec Update V3.38
MacOS9 - MacOSX - Windows


utilstuff.h : "FD_Name" introduced
os9main : dependency introduced
intcommand - "ihit" introduced (hash hit rate/statistics)
- internal utilities with unlimited number of command line params
macfiles - "check_vod" introduced (for hash access)
fileaccess - introduced (seek when change read -> write)
- ftruncate adaptions (still not working for CW MacOSX)
- check_vod moved to "macfiles"
- MAXDIRHIT = 60 and , for "ihit" statistics
- and for fast directory access
- element for linked hash list
- Improved TFS start conditions for directory searching
utilstuff - "HashF" hash function (using CRC) added
- Hash function prepared for LINKED_HASH
- Speedup for TFS directory reading
- "StrReplace" function for Windows "con" problem ( => ".con" )
procstuff : "DoWait" is visible from outside
int_move : "DoWait" loop for Windows "rename"

macfiles : Linked hash support added
intcommand : "ihit" extended for LINKED_HASH support
os9exec_nt : LINKED_HASH support with 16384 entries
utilstuff - LINKED_HASH support and bug fixes (NULL initialisation)
- extended range
fileaccess - LINKED_HASH support (by using )
- Set_FileDate supported now for MacOSX
os9main_incl_precompile => ftruncate might be wrong because of wrong .h files
fileaccess : workaround for MACH ftruncate: copy the file

os9exec_nt : pStart as new process state added
util_stuff : pStart will be displayed as process state "b"
fcalls - do while section for process setup
- don´t remove pDead processes in F$Fork anymore
- ´AssignNewChild´ called at F$Wait
procstuff - ´AssignNewChild´ visible from outside now
- Starting new processes in pStart state
- ´AssignNewChild´ now called at the ´correct´ location
- Text formatting beautified

fcalls : retword( d[ 0 ] )= newpid added
procstuff : Internal utils are treated somewhat special
=> can´t active native´s father
fileaccess : No longer dependent on "Volumes", same treatment MacOSX/Linux
utilstuff : Linux file names are treated case sensitively again
(only Hash itself can´t distinguish)
fileaccess : File copy correctly done for ftruncate workaround (MacOSX CW)

filestuff : Renamed: My_Ino => My_FD
procstuff : Several sleep tick things fixed, especially also for int commands
os9exec_nt - FD_ID (hash) fName always visible
- renamed to "dirtable_entry"
fileaccess : FD_ID calling args changed and adapted
utilstuff - My_Ino => My_FD
- Flush_Dir, Flush_Entry, Flush_FDCache added (not yet active)
- Several bug fixes for "CutUp"
- FD Cache adaptions for RBF (not yet active)
file_rbf : FD Cache things added (not yet active)
int_rename /
int_move : FD Cache flush prepared
os9main : and adaption (eventually wrong for TFS ?)
fcalls : and flags moved from d.b1 to d.b2 (V5.50 problem)
intcommand : Improved plugin searching method
macfiles : Hash access adaptions (new notation)
file_rbf : BUGFIX: Missing "EatBack" re-introduced

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