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Post subject: Frontends: Ultramame 1.8  PostPosted: Oct 04, 2006 - 03:32 PM
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Eine neue Version des MAME Frontends UltraMame ist erschienen.

A new version of the MAME frontend called UltraMame has been released.

New features since Mike´s version:
* Nearly complete rewrite of the interface elements, rom detection, graphic searching/loading.
* UltraMame now plays AVIs of attract modes (or anything you want) in the ImageBrowser mode.
* Random select. Press a predesignated button and you get a random game choice. (I need this to choose a game, personally)
* Change sort order. Press a predesignated button and you can sort the games by year of release (it´s fun to scroll back to 1975 and play through history), manufacturer (so you could play all the Namco games in order), and of course by title. It subsorts each of these also, so if you´re in ´year´ mode it also sorts by manufacturer, then title, etc.
* I had to rewrite the file search algorithms as they did´t work with either MinGW or Windows XP, not sure which.
* I added more sound effects. You can make sounds play when the selection is moved now, as well as a couple others I forgot.

New features in 1.8 (10/3/2006)
* Now automatically generates it´s own game information file. If you update MAME, you must delete the "listinfo.dat" file so it can be regenerated.
* It will now play MP3 files in the background. I use the "Arcade Ambience" files you can find around on the net to add a nice effect. You can modify the INI file to turn this off (or not) when a game is selected. The default is to silence it.
* The AVI feature is in and working. It requires VFW codecs, which are gettting long in the tooth at this point. I may add DirectShow filter ability to it at some point, but I don´t use this feature so it´s way down the list. Smile

* Fix the rotation routines. (Sorry Mike!) I know this was originally designed for Mike´s cocktail MAME machine, but I just need to sit down and fix the screen placement math for the other rotations.
* The new control keys (random, sort, change photo, and scroll +/- 100) aren´t remappable in the .ini file. I will fix this soon.

Known bugs:
* There are probably bugs in the onscreen menu if you enable that feature in the INI. I haven´t troubleshot this feature much because I don´t use it in my cabinet. My children seem to screw up the frontend good when it´s enabled!

The configuration sticks to Mike´s original design of simplicity. Unzip the binary distribution into your MAME directory and go. You can change the dir entries in ´ultramame.ini´ to point to the directories your photos are in if you don´t use the MAME defaults. It will work with any version of MAME and automatically (and quickly) configures itself every time it is run. It works in any color depth or resolution, adopting whatever your Windows desktop default is. To take advantage of the high quality art available, I recommend 1024x768 in at least 16-bit color. Sounds can be removed by deleting the files, or rename any .wav file you want to play instead (you may want to stay away from long sounds for ´select.wav´). Also, you must have all your art (marquees, titles, screenshots, cabinets) unzipped and in separate PNG files in the directories, as UltraMame cannot deal with those monolithic zip files.

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