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Post subject: Atari 5200: Atari++ v1.50  PostPosted: Oct 02, 2006 - 03:29 PM
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Eine neue Version des Multi Atari Emulators Atari++ ist erschienen. Atari++ emuliert neben dem Atari 5200 noch Atari 400, 800, 400XL, 800XL und 130XE.

A new version of the multi Atari emulator Atari++ has been released. Atari++ emulates the Atari 5200, Atari 400, 800, 400XL, 800XL and 130XE.

- This release is mainly a bug-fix release that addresses a couple
of issues especially on 64 bit systems.
- Fixed various erraneous varargs usages, mainly active during
error handling, that caused crashes on AMD64 systems.
- Fixed reference to the linux joystick device. Newer kernels place
this device at /dev/input/jsx instead of /dev/jsx, fixed.
- The H: device handler wildcard matcher now also finds files whose
extender consists of blanks.
- The joystick handler contains now a workaround against some faulty
implementations of the emu10k1 (SoundBlaster) gameport interface
and got basically self-calibrating by using the second unused
joystick axis.
- The DMA timing got reworked heavily. Thanks for that goes to
Bennet (beipdev@yahoo.com) for providing me with more detailed
- The way how horizontal timing is organized changed heavily, and
the timing constants for ANTIC and GTIA changed. Thus, new items
in the menu will adjust the timing, and old ones got removed.
- The player/missile generator changed a bit and is now aware of
some internal GTIA reaction times. Thanks for providing examples
for this goes to Sebastian Pachuta (thanks again!)
- Some heavy bugs got fixed in the X11 interface that could have
caused conflicts with at least some window managers because it
re-opened windows to fast. These problems are now avoided by using
a more careful logic.
- An out-of-bounds memory write in the mathpack emulation got fixed.
- Error handling in the complete menu and error requesters itself
got improved. (vu sur Emu-France)
- Errors from the X11 subsystem are now captured and reported in a
more user-friendly way.
- The complete user menu creates now string-gadgets for numeric
values whose numeric range is too large to be fine-tunable by
a slider alone.
- Improved the speed of the X11 true-color output by enlarging the
output/color buffer.

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