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Post subject: Megadrive: jEnesis v0.0.4  PostPosted: May 07, 2006 - 10:56 PM
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Vom in Java geschriebene Genesis/Megadrive Emulator jEnesis wurde v0.0.4 veröffentlicht.

The Genesis/Megadrive emulator jEnesis, which is written in JAVA, was released in v0.0.4.

- fixed overlapping operator pixels (Vectorman 2 baloon sprites)
- rendering switched to LWJGL with enormous speed increase in scaled modes and using VSync in fullscreen mode
to avoid Java timing issues
- fixed ROXL and NEG flag bug, making a lot more games work properly
- Made M68000 Reset instruction not having any effect (fixed Dragon´s Revenge..)
- M68000 TAS write cycle is ignored now (Gargoyles)
- fixed Illegal Instruction Exceptions (Dyna Brothers 2, Heavy Nova...)
- fixed Move Instruction timings (Sailormoon Intro bug)
- fixed window behavior in certain situations (Mario Andretti Racing, World Championship Soccer 2,
M1 Abrams Battle Tank...)
- added window granular clipping (Dragon Ball Z)
- improved Motorola 68000 - Zilog Z80 responiveness
- added Cpu freezing during DMA and DMA busy flag emulation (fixing Galahad, Eternal Champions,
Street Fighter Games, F1 World Championship and many others...)
- more accurate Interrupt timing and HVCounter (Panorama Cotton, Burning Force, Galahad, Lotus 1+2 and others)
- fixed DMA fills again (Landstalker)
- made VDP emulation more accurate, also showing mirrored sprites in Castlevania now.
- added VDP window bug emulation
- added VDP invalid horizontal scroll size emulation
- Added Sprite Overflow and Sprite Collision flag emulation
- Corrected sprite pixel overflow setting in too early (Flink)
- Sprite masking documentation seemed not to be precise, so i experimented a bit, and changed it. It now works
like in the big 2... and Majikaru Hashito no Butsutobi Turbo! Daibouken has feet now ... yeah Wink
- Fixed 128*64 Background Layers (Barkley Shut Up and Jam, Dragon Slayer 1+2 - Legend of Heroes)
- Fixed SRAM detection if not declared in the rom header (NBA JAM TE, Blockbuster Competition 2, Buck Rogers...)
- Added emulation and detection of the X24C01 EEPROM. (Wonderboy in Monsterworld, Megaman can be saved)
- Added emulation and detection of the X24C02P EEPROM. (NBA JAM can now be saved)
- Added new icon indicating that a game uses an EEPROM
- Made Rom validation a bit less restrictive, allowing more beta and unlicenced games to boot
- Display name of the game now gets detected depending on the region of the game. If it seems "unreadable",
the filename gets displayed
- Added support for .gen roms
- Added .7z support for normal loading of a rom, as well as for the "Browse Zip" option, which therefore got
renamed to "Browse Archive". The support for solid .7z archives might still be a bit buggy!
I also cant guarantee that it can open every .7z archive atm.
There is also support for plain .lzma files through the "Open Rom" dialog.

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