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Post subject: Megadrive: Kega Fusion v3.5  PostPosted: Jan 02, 2006 - 11:59 AM
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Es ist eine neue Version von Kega Fusion erschienen. Kega Fusion ist einer der besten Sega Emulatoren für Windows und emuliert das Sega Mega Drive,Master System, Mega-CD,32X und Game Gear .

A new version of Kega Fusion has been released by Steve Snake.

Whats New ?

Lots of stuff that I did months ago, and now have completely forgotten...
However here is the stuff that I remember doing.

* Rewrites to lots of Genesis and 32X side stuff. Should fix things I broke
in 3.4, and is very slightly faster. Hopefully nothing is broken.

* Re-added one line of ASM to the 32X emulation which must have gotten
deleted a long time ago. Now disolveable objects in Chaotix work again.

* Fixed the SegaCD Fader.

* Fusion now supports more MP3 formats than Winamp does - i.e. all of them.
44100Hz Stereo is still recommended, but not neccessary.

* Seeking within MP3s works now. Not sure about VBR files though.

* Blackthorne 32X sound glitch fixed - it now performs exactly as on real

* Controller config rewrite. You can now define directions for controllers
as well as buttons.

* VGM Log now logs VGM1.10 format files, which should be much smaller. You
can change back to VGM1.01 if you need to by editing the VGM_Version
setting in the INI file. (16,1 for VGM1.10, 1,1 for VGM1.01)

* Added ´ForceSWBuffer´ sound compatibility option. This is set to 1 by
default because this is the preferred option. However if you are getting
no sound (due to buggy drivers), or your framerate fluctuates for no
reason, you can try setting this to 0.

* Drag and drop support added.

* Brighten option for those that prefer a slightly brighter palette.

* Preliminary Netplay support. You MUST read the README.TXT to learn how to
use this feature.

LOTS more stuff - if you find something, please tell me Wink

Happy new year!


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